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March 29, 2012



Congratulations to Colby! Also BWI is a great airport. I'm so excited for your Germany life. :)


Wait a minute. Something there sounds familiar. just wait until you're looking back on when you had the gold leaves pinned and it feels like it was a long time ago! How does that happen?! =)
Our logistical adventure to Germany was exciting like yours but noting compared to the return...went over with one dog and a pickup truck. 3-years later returned en route to California with one dog, two car shipments and twin 4-month olds!!! Enjoy the adventure. It ends too soon and makes the "real" world seem monotonous and boring. Safe travels and best of luck to you and Colby!


Congrats to your hubby! My hubs will pin on Captain in May! He found out he made the cut 4 months ago, but has to wait till his commission date too. Annoying, but thankful it's coming nevertheless! Hearing your stories about getting ready for your move to Germany reminds me of our journey to Deutschland just 9 months ago! Hard to believe we've been here that long...but I promise, all the running around and moving headaches will be worth it when you finally get here! You guys are going to LOVE it!! Especially now that the sun is out and it's warming up!


Congratulations to Colby! Glad you have gotten things figured out...good luck in the execution.

A Super Girl

Major!! Woo! I remember when my father was a major in the Army. I thought he was old, too :-) He probably was 5-10 years older than us, so no worries, you guys are still very very young!


You've got to be so relieved to have a plan in motion - even if that plan is as complicated as yours has to be. Just think, once you and the doggies are in Germany all this crazy will be behind you and there will be plenty of pretzels and beer to celebrate!!
And cograts on the hubby's major promotion to Major. (see what I did there?)


Congrats to Colby! Awesome! That does sound like a hassle but i hope it all goes very smoothly! I would have to have my dog every step of the way, so i get it! :)

Thoughts Appear

May I recommend the Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore for Captain Crunch French Toast?

Kate P

Major congratulations to Colby and best wishes on the moving plans. Being organized is half the battle, right?

I love breakfast anytime--looks as if Thoughts Appear's recommendation gives me yet another excuse to visit my great-aunt in Baltimore (even though we have to take her to the Cheesecake Factory!).

erin - heart in ireland

Congrats to Colby!

And logistics are the worst - especially when it involves complicated things such as pets and travel!

Can't wait for dinner on Friday! Woo!


Congratulations to Colby! And thank goodness that you have your logistics figured out. What a pain in the butt.


Traveling w/dogs is a pain when you PCS here. We drove to Baltimore too, instead of flying and they paid for our mileage only.

Congrats to Colby!

I cant wait until you get here!!! YES, I do want you to nanny for us if everything works out. I actually have an informal job interview for a PT position on Tuesday! Start date sometime in July!

Do you have my contact info? Our good friends are moving on base, likely in May and are looking for new tenants in their current house in Weilerbach. Great house and under your cap. Let me know if youd like details/pictures.

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