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March 14, 2012



I've been thinking about building my own list - with 2.5 years to go before 30 it feels like now's the time to get started. Sounds like you're making great progress. I had to laugh at your college reading comment because I'm there now, with a pile of books and no motivation to pick one up and get going.


I just checked out your cleanse posts, and I definitely plan on referring back to them. I've wanted to do a cleanse for a while now and I checked out blueprint juices, but I can't fathom spending that kind of money. So glad you documented yours.
I am trying to organize digital and printed photos, but it is a horror! So hard to do.
And I get pretty frusterated when you go on a cruise and they don't stamp your passport! Why not?!?!


I am the only person I know who went to Sin City and avoided gambling. I went to a casino on an Indian reservation (maybe in CT?). it was a smoke filled room filled with people who were having far less fun than the ones they show us on the commercials. Good choice to let go of this one.

Good luck with the others--and more importantly all the other things you have going on!


I am so with list has to change a bit maybe.


i love your list but i agree, my life list has changed in a bit in the past few years, haha. love that you paid for someone's Starbuck's, such a nice and simple gesture. also i'm quite jealous of the amount of countries you checked off, i guess i can't be too upset think i checked off a ton of states, haha. i just really need to go abroad again. wee!

Kate P

Congrats on the accomplishments! My mom finally went to Vegas a few years back when my dad had a company meeting at a former job, so--put it on your 60 before 60 list???

I totally cracked up at the "Germany doesn't seem to be a big surf town" comment. Who knows--maybe there's indoor surfing somewhere.


Whatever you accomplish, I am extremely proud of you! And very happy to live vicariously through your adventures. Much love cuz. :)


I want to do number 18! My university offered that as a class and I wasn't able to take it. Sad!

Elle Sees

i still have to learn to drive a stick shift from my list. the family/marriage is pretty much not gonna happen! but, i've got a cute puppy instead :)


I love your list. So many interesting & fun things on it! I'm 34... so i guess i could do 40 before 40. Haha. Too bad i didn't start a list a long time ago though!

I'm reading the Bible chronologically too but i will admit... I skipped Leviticus. I just can't do it! Haha!

I have always wanted to pay for the person's order in a drive-thru or another table at a restaurant! Still haven't done it... it's a must!


I drove through vegas and didn't even gamble then!

Someday is right - just because it doesn't happen before 30 doesn't mean it won't happen ever!

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