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February 01, 2012



I also can't keep my eyes open when I'm in the passenger seat and my husband and I have termed it "carcolepsy." It's 100% real.

I visited my husband (while we were still dating, when we had JUST started dating) when he was TDYing in Hawaii. Three days in to the six day trip, I had an emergency appendectomy. To say the least, it was interesting. We obviously made it through, but we'd like to go back sometime when I don't spend more than half of my time on the islands in a hospital room!


oh what a fun post, i might have to borrow this since i love traveling too, seriously i have the bug so bad right now.

also, Kauai really is beautiful and i so hope to go back one day. it was one of the most peaceful places i've ever been, totally agree with you there.

also again, i'm such a plane sleeper, definitely makes the travel go by quicker that's for sure.


I love that you did this! And i totally missed that last question, I'm sad! Oh-well. I haven't been to too many states. 15? 18, maybe? :)

This was fun to read!


Oooooo...I would really like to visit Hawaii.

I get motion sickness, too, and it stinks. But like you, I also sleep a lot in cars and on planes, so that's a plus.


I loved reading this, because I think you like to travel as much as I do. :) Russia is a place I want to go so bad, but Sean says no way. I have no idea why our husbands are not onboard for this trip! Sean also says no to Morocco and Egypt, which I find highly disappointing.


I'm going to answer your question with a link:

Yeah, I totes swiped your fill-in. I'm not ashamed.


I'll second that comment about our inability to navigate Japan sans Colby. That was a mess! Even the cab drivers in Japan, with GPS devices I should add, couldn't get us to where we needed to go. :)

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