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February 22, 2012


Ashley // Our Little Apartment

Please take pictures of your injections so you can use them to make your future child feel guilty for being an ungrateful teenager. Hehe.

Seriously, though, you are a trooper! Good luck with the house business. That stuff is overwhelming! You are dealing with several stressful situations, so I'm glad you've had the support of family right now. (And alone time. Good lord, do I need that!)

Also, I am pretty jealous of your NYC trip. Such a tasty city. (I like to eat.)


Welcome back! I don't know which I love more, your subject line or the last sentence of your first paragraph (I always feel guilty as anything about needing the occasional 'alone' day). Can't wait to hear about tour NYC trip - especially the theater parts.

A Super Girl

It amazes me you can inject yourself. Before my kidney transplant, I had to do weekly shots of a drug to help my anemia. They were subcutaneous, so the shot went just under the skin in my abdomen. But, man did it freak me out! I made my mom drive up to where I was at school (1.5 hours away from home) to give them to me because I was such a wimp!


It is so great you had fun with all your family the last few weeks :)I would be crazy for alone time after all that so I'm glad that you're gonna get some soon. I can't believe you can inject yourself-I have such a fear of needles-but if the outcome is baby then it's definitely worth the pain!I hope all goes well with finishing up the house!!!


I can offer a few tips regarding your injections. As a type I diabetic, I started giving myself daily shots at the age of 6, so while I have no official medical title, I kinda consider myself a pro. I always gave myself my shots on the back side of my upper arm. I'd prop my arm up on my knee or on the back of the chair. That way you're giving yourself an injection into an area without a ton of nerves and it's prepped for you! Also, if your skin is warm, it's less painful. Most of the time, I barely felt it. :) I wear an insulin pump now and am thankful I'm off injections (I did about 6 a day before I got on the pump!), so I feel you. Use your end goal as motivation... Knowing I was giving myself shots to prevent going blind/losing a leg and all that stuff was a really effective motivator. Haha! Good luck!


I can't wait to hear about your theater experience!

I've wondered how you're doing w/ the injections! Glad you got two good nurses!!

Kate P

Welcome back--and best wishes for awesome MLS photos of the house!


Can't wait to read about NYC!'re injecting yourself? You're stronger than I am.


Woo Hoo! {Imagine me spiking an imaginary football and doing some sort of crazy end zone dance} Thank you for hosting the giveaway, lady.

Sounds like you've had a crazy month and I had no idea how many injections you would have and that you'd have to SELF INJECT! You are incredibly brave and strong and I'm amazed by you. Glad you're surrounded by good nurses who love you.


Glad everything is going well! Still have my fingers crossed for you!


dude. I had to do those kind of injections a long time ago when I was going through the process to donate my eggs. it wasn't the most fun. so I feel your pain. it's a means to an end though. keep up the good work! SOunds like a bunch of good family time for you...I'm glad you got to enjoy it! but I totally get needing the downtime to recuperate afterwards.

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