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January 12, 2012


A Super Girl

I loved the Handmaid's Tale when I read it in high school. I really need to pick it up again.


I love Game of Thrones too! I have to get the fifth book. My most hated book this year--Anna Karenina. Awful awful piece of crap, that book.


Oooh! Thank you for this list! I love to read, and am always overwhelmed when going to the bookstore to find a new good author. The Year of Living Biblically sounds like something my hubby would like! I can't imagine if we really had to live by ALL of the Bible's rules! There's some crazy stuff in there! Can't wait to check out some of these!


I'm in the thick of the second Game of Thrones book. Holy hell, it's so good. Even better than the 1st book, in my opinion!

I think I need to give Beloved another shot. I tried to read it about 10 or 11 years ago and just couldn't get into it, but my reading tastes have drastically changed since then.

LOVED The Road. McCarthy is one of my favorite writers!


oh love this list, i'll have to add some of these to my to-read list. yay reading!


I'm starting Catcher in Rye AGAIN this weekend. I'm so excited. I even have the copy I read in high school WITH the notes I took. Eeee
Im happy to hear you loved Beloved its on my to read lost and several of these others are going to added withs quickness. Thanks for the great reviews!


i loved the book of lost things! just recently started game of thrones, enjoying it so far. great list!


I loved Swan Thieves - it was such an interesting story! I think Game of Thrones is going on my to-read list for this year - I've heard so many good things about it (and your description about it being between Gregory and LotR makes me want to read it even more).


I love dark fairy tales as well. I just added The Book of Lost Things to my reading list. Thanks!

Elle Sees

i should've done this after reading all of those books this past year. some new ones to check out.


Adding the swain thieves to my goodreads list. I love when people rank their books so I know which one is their absolute favorite!

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