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January 30, 2012



I'm so excite for you guys! So glad that your insurance is covering some of the expenses and cushioning the blow for you guys :) Good luck with the purging and packing! Thanks for keeping us posted :)


Exciting things ahead for you guys. Good luck with everything!!


Do you have time to sign up with HouseHunters International? Would love to see someone I know on the show!!! :)

Congrats on all that is happening. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it ALL falls into place.


erin - heart in ireland

good luck with everything!

and that is awesome about the nannying/babysitting going so well!


Sounds like things are on the right track for you two! That's so exciting!


I am so so so so glad the IVF is so much cheaper than you anticipated. Count the little blessings, right? You have so many cool things going on right now and ALL of them sound positive! I love that!! I'm sending baby sticky dust your way (not that mine works but I'll give it a try!) and hope everything continues to go well! XOXO


Also, I'm aware I have an exclamation point problem. I'm in therapy.


So happy to read this - it's wonderful that the expenses are not as great as you thought they'd be! I hope you get more & more good news like that & I hope that you are one cycle wonders! ;) (Love that.)

You get to go visit Britt?! Tell her hi for me! :)

Kate P

I had been wondering what a move to another country entailed--now I know why my aunt and uncle STILL haven't come up from Mexico (imagine if you'd been in your house for 2+ decades! Yikes!)--best wishes with everything. That's a lot of work!

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