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January 17, 2012


The Incubator

I am so proud of you -- who knew that long ago in a far away land that the dream of an ice cream from Cold Stone would start you on your journey to this healthier lifestyle and running for your medals;) Great photos for us to enjoy thanks to Colby! Love and hugs -


YAY!!! YOU did it! SO proud of you :)


great job, angela! and awesome time too :) i felt the same way about mile 9, it was definitely the longest. i tried to walk around mile 10, but it was more painful. so i kept on, slow and steady.

Old Warrior

Angela Zamperini!!!!!


Yay you did it! Congrats!


Great job!!!! What a fantastic time :) You are an inspiration!!!


Congrats again!


woo hoo! you're such a rock star!

janet are already running again? You are dedicated!!! So proud of you for accomplishing 13.1!

steph anne

Congrats!!! That's awesome. :) I hope I can do a half-marathon some day, haha.


You. Are. Awesome. I am so impressed - congratulations, girl!! I'm loving that Carolina blue sky, too!

Elle sees

Congrats! I feel worn out and I didn't do a nothing, lol

Kate P

I still don't know how you did that while sick--but you did it! Love the photos. That pink is such a good color on you.


Hurray! You did it! And while you were sick...I'm impressed!

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