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December 12, 2011



OMG, I LOVED this post. I was totally agreeing with you at first. I do that all the time. I think "Oh, I should totally blog about this tomorrow" Then when it is time, I am like "Yeah, I've got nothing to say."
But this ended up being such a funny post. Especially how you characterized those polyps. I literally laughedf out loud.


Hilarious about the polyps! Seriously, you are such an awesome writer, love reading what you write, even if its about the inside of your body :) Glad you had a nice visit with your parents...I loved our (very) short visit to Charleston and am SO jealous you get to spend every day there!!

Elle Sees

just got back from visiting my friends' new baby! she had polyps too and was able to conceive right after. If you'd like to win 5 shirts from Stylemint, please enter my giveaway!

Kate P

What did you have at Hall's Chophouse? Sounds like a great place. Wasn't "The Muppets" great? I could see heads tilting along with "Rainbow Connection" and it made me sniffly, too!


Oh, those poor, unfortunate polyps! I've never seen anyone make them funny before. Glad the procedure wasn't too bad.

Thoughts Appear

Congrats on being polyp-free!

I'm glad it was painless procedure. Just reading about it made me worry.

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