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December 28, 2011



Happy belated Birthday!

I'm glad to hear you're excited about Germany.


Happy birthday! Your 30's are fine...I can say that for now because I just turned 35 and will not be on the downward slide to 40 until next year. ;)


Happy birthday, girl! And yes. Me too! So ready for 2012! Great things in store for us! Hopefully a baby will be included in the equation! ;)

YAY for Colby coming home!!


Happy Belated my dear. I am turning 30 next year myself, yikes! Wow, can't believe you will be going to Germany, have never been but would love to go there one day! Have a great trip!

Kate P

Just catching up with the moving to Germany news--WOW! That is totally cool. (Uh, not just because you have to get some awesome winter fashions, but that is definitely a coolness factor.)

Elle Sees

happy bday love! that's nervous and exciting news! i've visited germany but never lived there.


Loved this post so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad to hear Colby will be home soon, and so glad to hear you can get some IVF in before March. I'm thinking positive for you and I am wishing you all the happiness in the world!


Your 2012 seems like it is going to be amazing! And I'm so jealous you are moving to Germany! I've always dreamed of living abroad, and I once was given the chance to, but I let my anxiety get in the way. Biggest regret ever! I can't wait to read all about wait 2012 brings for you!

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