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December 16, 2011


To the Nth

Go you! When the miles -- both literal and metaphorical -- seem long and your sofa is calling seductively, imagine the cheers of your bloggy friends ringing in your ears. We're pulling for you!


Yay for you! I've always intended to run a half, but the closest I came was getting around the 7 mile mark in my training and then I sort of stopped. Best of luck with training & the half! :)

erin - heart in ireland

woooooo! i was training to run that too before i broke myself! i ran my first in september 2010 and while it was tough towards the end i was so happy to have done it! -

i used a similar training plan. running 3-5 miles two/three times a week and then each week added a mile and ran 10 as my max, but i was bad and only really trained for 5 weeks.

i'm excited to hear about the rest of your journey!

and i can't wait until i can run again - i'm hoping i can run/walk the bridge run!


That is awesome, Angela! I love it. :)


So proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Kate P

Groove on those endorphins--go, girl!


Go you! This sounds awesome - can't wait to hear about it!


YAY! Awesome awesome. Hey, have you ever read anything Louise Hay write's about the body? She has some interesting thoughts regarding how emotions/the past can effect the current state of our bodies. I got really sick before, and while i don't think everything she said was 100% on target, most of it seemed pretty close. I think the name of the book was "You can heal yourself" IDK lol. It's been a while since I read it, but if you're interested, I'll go home and find the correct name. Glad to hear you're doing something so exciting! Keep us updated!

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