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December 01, 2011



How do you miss putting CHEESE on a section of pizza? I've never liked Domino's. My parents order it sometimes and bllleeeehhhhhhh.


Aside from once a couple years ago when I worked in the dairy industry and the company partnered with Domino's to increase cheese sales, I hadn't had Domino's pizza since I was in college and worked at the front desk of a Cedar Point hotel front desk when Domino's gave us pizzas for $5. The other week, on a whim and cheap pizza promotion, I placed an order to pick up on my way home. I was AMAZED - it was exactly as you described your early experience. Hopefully your store is just a fluke and it'll figure out it sucks and rectify the situation quickly. Did you write to Domino's directly?


I would definitely share this link with your local Dominos, or write the company. Good luck at finding Christopher!


I agree~ send this to Dominos! Nothing is worse then a bad pizza!


I'd also send it to Domino's. I was super, super disappointed with an order a few weeks ago, but since then they've been on point.


Don't think I've ever had domino's pizza, but after this post I think I'll pass (well that and I can't eat gluten) until they return to their glory.

Melissa B

Now I want some pizza! I agree with the previous commenters. Send this to Domino's. Maybe they'll work on their quality at your local shop after reading this. I do really like the "new" recipe with the garlic crust :)

operation pink herring

NOoooo! Christopher, where have you gone?


This post is both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. Let us know what happens when Domino's hears of this MAJOR slack in service.


I love this post because I can feel your pain. And it is a garlicy, cheesy pain. That is SO disappointing! I hope you and Dominos can work through this


I usually go with Papa John's over Domino's, but I love their Philly Cheesesteak pizza.

I hope they regain your trust.


Girl! I used to hate Dominos, until the last 3 years. My husband apparently always did Dominos, while I always did Papa John's. The first time we ordered pizza after we were married, we did Dominos, because it is the closest place. And I had the same amazement that you describe here. It was WONDERFUL! And the tracker is a beautiful thing!

THANKFULLY (or maybe UNthankfully since i love the hand-tossed crust, which is the worst thing for me!), I have not had any such decline in the quality of pizza yet!

You definitely should send this to Domino's! You always amaze me - such good writing! :)

Kate P

That sounds really bad. (But it still makes me miss having the option of takeout pizza!) Do you think it's across the board, or just the nearest location?

If I lived closer, I'd make some mini-pizzas for you and bring them over. I'd even put real cheese on them!

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