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December 19, 2011



Just one adventure after another! LOL, but now you'll have TONS of stuff to take pictures of. (Hint!) :)


Wohoo! I'm so happy (and jealous!) for you :) Things tend to work themselves out in the grand scheme of things so I hope you don't have much stress over the move. Scotty and I plan to be in Germany in late May/early June, hopefully we can meet up for a beer and a pretzel!


Would it be awkward if the first time we actually "meet" it's when I crash at your place for a while? Because, um, that might be a real possibility. I'm SO excited for you. And I've heard great things about reproductive medicine in Germany. I think...I could be making that up.


You are the perfect family to get assigned to Germany, can't wait to follow all your travels out there! Lots to do between now and then, I can only imagine, my gosh. We're moving state side in August and I feel overwhelmed for goodness sakes. (Oh, and IVF is cheaper in Europe by the way!) ;) Hooray for nice surprises.


That's so exciting! My sister is currently living in Germany because her husband has been stationed there with the Army. You'll do great! :)


This is SO exciting! I am happy for you & Colby! I believe everything else will fall into place!

Amy R

Wow! I can't believe it!!! Congratulations to both of you! Where are you going and what plane? We are planning a trip to Germany this fall to see the Richardson's so maybe we will see you then!


Congrats! That's so exciting!! We are hoping to head overseas next go around, that is, if Mr. F decides to re-enlist. My vote is for Italy!


So, SO exciting!!! I will happily come visit you...perhaps on our honeymoon ;-)


Holy cow! That is so exciting. Definitely let me know where in Germany, I've been looking for a reason to go back.


Yeah, I do! We have family friends in Mainz--will you be the Frankfurt area base?

Wow! So exciting!


O.M.GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee! I step away from bloggy land for a minute (or a month) and you're headed to Germany? How exciting is that? Yippeeee for you!


That's so exciting!!! So happy for you two and your new adventure!

Amy --- Just A Titch

Wow! Big news! How exciting! And best of luck :)

A Super Girl

This is SO exciting! No time like the present and I can't wait to hear about your adventures overseas!


Wow! How long will you be there? My friend and her husband were in Germany, and they loved it.

I want to visit. =)



I am so so so so so excited for you. And a wee bit jealous! I have always wanted to live abroad but just haven't had the opportunity and DH is totally non-interested in it so I doubt we ever will. (Damn him for getting his fill of that in college, lol!)

I hope that you can get in a quick (and successful) IVF before you go, but it must feel really good to be thinking of the adventures that await you no matter what. I will be eager to read all about them.


Wow, that's amazing!


Whoop whoop! We're going to be neighbors! So excited you are moving here! Let me know if you have any questions about the move and Ill be happy to help. I know how overwhelming it is.


Congrats for these new experiences! SO awesome :)


Oh man, I am so excited for you! Germany sounds amazing...I've never been, but hopefully one day! I'm so happy for you guys...what an adventure!


Wow, what an awesome opportunity! Thrilled for you guys!


so awesome and so crazy that you guys are moving to germany!! eee! sounds awesome though. i lived there for two months and it was such a fun place. but yay!


angela, i'm still super excited for you, but i just wanted to say TAG!


Oh my gosh! Congratulations on this upcoming adventure! I bet you and Colby (and the doggies, of course) will have an amazing time - and hopefully you'll blog all about it! :)

Merry Christmas and I'm sure 2012 will be a great year!

erin - heart in ireland

sooooo exciting! what a wonderful adventure you have! living abroad is so much fun!

steph anne

Wow, Germany!? I'd love to visit if I could, haha. Sounds like an adventure for you and your cute little family!

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