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November 21, 2011



I totally get this. I typically hate work (not because I'm lazy but because I've had the most god-awful job), and because of that I tend to not put my heart and soul into it. But then I started freelance writing and editing and I LOVE it and I'm actually working hard and enjoying it. It's amazing! (Also, if you're interested in freelance writing and editing, I'm working on branching out and getting the word out there, not only for new clients but for people I can kind of partner up with, so if you're interested, let me know!)


Good job! It's incredible what you can accomplish by setting a goal. I am also a very competitive person-mostly with myself-so I completely understand. :)
I'm very proud of you for cutting the vacation short to add in more money. You're absolutely right. Keep your eye on the prize!
I saw Breaking Dawn also. The telepathic wolves part was HILARIOUS. It reminded me so much of those awful animal-talking movies. And the birth was disgusting. I found it all (honeymoon and birth) a bit too graphic for PG13. Especially since I saw a couple of little kids (around age 7) in the theater!!!


I've been fretting a lot about not knowing what I want to be when I grow up because 27 feels like the age when I should know but I don't. Lately I have been working to re-organize my priorities so work isn't crushing everything else in big capital letters and to start moving towards goals (like homeownership) instead of just having a lot of abstract ones. Kudos to you on getting close to your earnings goal so quickly - that's fantastic.


Breaking Dawn...for an accelerated pregnancy, the movie sure made it seem like it lasted forever.

erin - heart in ireland

YAY for being closer to your goal! And that is great you have such a concrete goal and savings plan which I know makes saving money easier. And I agree about worrying about not working for 3 weeks. I'm freaking out about not working for the next 6 weeks, I had finally started to feel financially ok after my move and being unemployed and then I go ahead and hurt myself and need surgery and can't work for a few weeks, at least I can sub in NJ, but ahhhhh!


I still think you're making the right choices for you. One of the worst things about infertility and everything tied with it is the powerlessness that comes along, and this seems to be a phenomenal way for you to address that, so more power to you.

Also, I need to go see that movie, but I just don't know if I can spend money on something like it from what I'm hearing, haha. Maybe I'll find a voucher somewhere around here.

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