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November 04, 2011


Melissa B

Down: The cold weather is moving in.
Up: There are still a few trees with pretty fall color to enjoy.

Down: Packing is taking me forever, and we start our 18 hour drive to Louisiana today.
Up: At the end of those 18 hours (or more once we factor in a bazillion pee breaks) we'll get to see family and friends.

Down: My dog is a shedding machine.
Up: He's a sweet little cuddler (not sure that's a word,) and I'm glad I don't have to bring him in for hair cuts. I barely keep up with my own hair appointments!

Down: I'm going to have to throw out some food so our fridge won't be disgusting when we return.
Up: So thankful to be able to afford groceries!

I hope your knee doesn't give you anymore problems! Ditto on the hating the phone and leaving voicemail.

Elle Sees

i hateeeee FB. i found myself consumed in everyone's drama, so I let it go almost 2 years ago. I don't miss it AT ALL.
up: i had 5k views yesterday. i cried! maybe it's the pms.
down: a cold!
up: a friend is stopping in atl for the night and is bringing her grandbaby. I could hold a baby all day. no lie.
down: but since i have a cold, i won't hold him unless i get a mask.
up: i had all week off!
down: i have a cold, so couldn't enjoy it.
thanks for entering my giveaway!!!!


I read your tweet about the lack of comments these days- I, for one, am trying to comment more, but I've never been good at it! Anyway, I think the readership up/comments down is twitter's fault- everyone interacts so much on twitter that there seems to be less to say on actual blogs.

Down: I was slack and quiet with my boss away at work which always makes me feel like a failure
Up: I got lots of necessary boring chores done. Like calling the bank and going to the dentist

Down: My gym membership expires soon and I can't justify renewing it
Up: The pool reopened for summer

Down: I have to throw a non-shower baby shower next week for someone I don't really care much for
Up: After next week, the shower will be over red rover

Mostly, not much is "down" this week since I was sick last week and I'm not sick anymore- it's amazing how much difference it makes!

Kate P

A lot of your "ups" sound like making lemonade out of lemons--way to go!

Down: Book-selling. In the Library. With rigid, argumentative library aide.
Up: Monday is the last day.

Down: The Cat (who is terminally ill) has seemed a little "off" with her appetite this week--won't eat dinner, then bugs me at 4 a.m. for breakfast.
Up: I have to admit that I enjoy the nuzzles and purring.

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