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November 13, 2011



Going back to your old entry, in some ways they really ARE like having a baby. I mean, Teddy is like a toddler most days. Mad if he doesn't get his way, everything is his, learns by putting things in his mouth... One of my friends says that if Teddy had thumbs, he would be sticking things up his nose.

We do not have nearly as many pictures of Teddy as we have of Rufus. Second child syndrome strikes again.


I love how animals have their own personality - I see that across the board with all of our guys too and it makes things so interesting :) I really hope I get to meet your puppies one day!


They are so cute!! We have two dogs too and its always so funny to see how they interact together. Love that last picture!

Kate P

Those are some very distinct personalities! Loving them. Also, I learned today that chows are dumb. I had no idea.


So cute! Especially Jack (because black goes with everything). Now I want a puppy.

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