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November 18, 2011



Yeah, as you can see, I was defeated by the NABloPoMo beast as well. Ehh, que sera, sera. And you're right, I didn't get any new viewers either. Maybe that has somethign to do with the move from nablopomo to BlogHer? Idk.
I'm sorry to hear your calls haven't been working out, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will soon!
And Thanksgiving sounds great. My all time favorite Thanksgiving was when I lived in Virginia Beach... my and my two roommates cooked a mismatched feast for ourselves and a few other stragglers in the area who had no place to go or whos significant others were deployed. IT was awesome. I hope you enjoy!


I know what you mean. I'd love to be paid to blog but...ahh well...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Kate P

So glad you got at least one call with Colby--hope it works better in the future! And how cool you are hosting dinner and your parents are coming. That's exciting.

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