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November 09, 2011



Finally a book on my "to read" list to look forward to! Yippeeeee!

Annnnnd, here's to hoping that you, "keep believing that despite seemingly endless setbacks, dreams can still become reality." So happy you found inspiration! ...and while doing the dishes none-the-less. Talk about the impossible dream!

Angela Noelle

HA!! You make me laugh ;)


And I thought I loved you before. Man of La Mancha is my second favorite music (after Les Mis). I saw it in third grade and my life was never the same. If you don't have the more recent Brian Stokes Mitchell version of the song, go get it. He was already my hero and then I got to meet him and her him speak on his feelings about that song and meeting the composer an learning more about how the music was written to convey deeper meaning. It was AMAZING. I have a video of it but it was taken on my Blackberry and I haven't figured out how to convert it yet. When I do, I'll send it your way.


And please forgive my fat finger typeos!


This song, and you, are so inspiring.


That's a great book! I also saw the ballet performance and it was wonderful :) This is a great song. Keep reaching for that star!


I'm embarrassed as a lover as musicals I haven't even HEARD of this one! But love the lyrics!


What an inspiring song. It's the sort that can resonate with just about anyone in any life situation.

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