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November 29, 2011



I have got to try a fried turkey. It sounds so good! Maybe next year :)It's so nice to have the time with family, glad you all had a blast! On to Christmas!!!

steph anne

Interesting, I've never fried a turkey before. We had a great Thanksgiving but I agree...ONTO CHRISTMAS now! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I'm so anxious. I hope the month goes slow so I can enjoy it all. :)


I had to remind Terry that even though we will be in Oz next year we will forever celebrate Thanksgiving :) Hard to imagine not having all the 'normal' things we think a BBQ on the beach for Christmas in Oz!!! (considering its in the middle of summertime) but HE is so worth it :) So fun to share traditions!


I have never had a fried turkey but I've always wanted to try one, looks delicious! I'm glad your parents could come a visit you, especially since your husband is out town. BTW, I didn't know Americans needed a reason to gorge themselves, we just do :)


Holy cow, I have never had deep fried turkey but I am dying to try it. Yours turned out awesome!


Oh, i just love your blog. I just LOVE IT. Haha!

I LOVE fried turkey & I never had it until i was grown! My family never did fried turkey (don't worry - they were AMAZING cooks so I never knew what i was missing!). Thankfully, though, I married into a family that does fried turkey. :) We had a wonderful thanksgiving too! And i used the Rolo Cookies from Pinterest - they were amazing!


I've never had fried turkey before. Can I come to your house next year?

Those smores cookie bars sound good!

Elle sees

A fried turkey is what's up! A definite in my GA house!

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