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November 02, 2011



I'm so sorry Angela. This sounds terrible frustrating, and I can't even begin to imagine how scary this is. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Here is lots of baby positive vibes your way! Hugs!!!!

operation pink herring

I'm so sorry you're going through this, but I'm at least glad you have some answers and a plan. All my fingers and toes are crossed for you guys.


I'm so sorry that you guys are having to deal with this. I know from your past posts how hard this is on you and I hate when any of my friends has to deal with any sort of infertility.

I really hope that you guys will be able to make the financial situation work and go through with the IVF. I'd love nothing more than to hear next year that it was successful and you guys are pregnant.

I'll be sending good thoughts your way!


I know this is not at all funny, but the title of this post made me smile and I'm glad you have such a positive outlook. I don't even have any words of wisdom, other than I will send you happy thoughts and prayers that it's a (relatively) easy road for you guys.

Kay Bee

So sorry to hear about this, but you guys should keep your heads up! If your medical options don't pan out, maybe you're just meant to be parents to a child out there in need of someone to care for them. I know that however parenthood comes to you guys, you will be AMAZING parents. :)


I am just so sorry. And I'm just really mad for you at how unfair this is. You are going to be an excellent mom, and I hate that it's taking so much more to get you there. That's not cool, universe. NOT COOL. Still, I am applauding you at moving forward and looking at your options. You are handling this with such grace. I hope your future baby reads all this and sees how awesome his parents are and how badly he/she was wanted. Let me know what I can do.

A Super Girl

Good GOD, the acronyms!!!

In all seriousness, this does totally blow. For me, it'd be the financial implications of everything combined with the fact that there's just no guarantee. I feel for you and the decision you guys have to make.


I'm so sorry. This is a very un-funny topic but the post title made me laugh a bit. I don't know anything about all those acronyms and procedures but I do know that however you become a mom you'll be a great one. Keep us updated and your spirits high!


Damn is right! This just plain ol' stinks! I'm sorry you're going through such a hard thing. I can't do anything to help, I know... but I will send positive thoughts to you both.
My cousin had ovarian cancer at age 13 and was told there was 100% chance she would never have a child.... she did. I know you might be sick of hearing these stories, but its just a reminder that who knows what will happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Angela Noelle

Thanks, Jass!! All the positive thoughts and prayers are MORE than welcome :)

Angela Noelle

Yes, we are grateful that at least now we know what is going on, and can move forward... eventually! I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to have no answers.

Angela Noelle

Yes, someway, somehow we are determined to make the financial side of things work. It's scary, and we'll lose most of our nest egg, but I can't help but think it will be worth it in the end!

Angela Noelle

Haha, hey, I find my humor in this where I can--I'm glad it made you smile ;)

Angela Noelle

Aw, thanks :) I wish I had a crystal ball!

Angela Noelle

Thank you so much! I think that's part of the reason I want to document all of this. Because some day this will hopefully be a record of how much we loved our babies before they were even born!

Angela Noelle

Bahaha! I know! I'm thankful that the military made me comfortable with acronyms--it has helped in the learning process to know how to communicate in letters instead of words ;)

Angela Noelle

Haha! Gotta be able to laugh, right?! I've learned WAY more than I ever wanted to know about reproduction--I think someone should give me an M.D.!

Angela Noelle

Wow!!! No way, I never get tired of hearing that stuff. It just gives me so much hope and makes me so thankful for the prognosis that we do have. Thanks!


Gos this sucks. I'm so sorry. On the bright side, I guess it's good that you know what you now know and can come at it from the best possible angle! Thinking good thoughts for you!


I'm so sorry that you're going through this - but I think the glimmer of hope is that they've been able to determine what's holding you back and what can work for you in the future. I'm keeping you in my thoughts!


I'm so sorry to hear this Angela. It's just not fair, dang it all. But if anyone can get through this I know you can. I love your attitude and determination, even if it's through tears sometimes. I know it's taking longer than you wanted, but you will get there! I love that you're documenting this journey for your future kiddos. And it will all be worth it in the end, I can promise you that.


Ugh- I'm so sorry about triple/quadruple/whatever it is whammy. Infertility blows!


I'm so, so sorry you're going through this Angela. But I must say, the thought of your ovaries wearing dentures and using a walker is pretty darn funny :-) I'm glad you're trying to keep a sense of humor about all this.

Thinking of you and sending many many happy thoughts to your ovaries and Colby's sperm...wait, that sounds weird doesn't it. ;-)


Oh man, Angela, I hate this for you guys! It sucks to feel so betrayed by your body. I am keeping everything I've got crossed for you two, that after these hard decisions, and sacrifices, you two will have the baby of your dreams.
And on a lighter note..."special egg olympics" = Bahahahahahahahaha! Awesome. :)


aw angela i'm so sorry. i can't even imagine how difficult all of this is for you guys. sending so many hugs and loves and thoughts of WICKED and all things fabulous to you.

steph anne

I'm so sorry you have to go through this and to all other couples out there who are trying too. It sucks and I always worry that I'm going to end up in this situation. We haven't started trying but I'm worried that by the time we decide we're ready to start trying it won't work. Hang in there and I have a good feeling about this for you next year. Let 2012 be it! :)


Awww crap. (Sorry to be late to this post.) The financial part sucks.

But, I do think that IVF+ICSI will get you your baby. I really and truly do. And it will be worth every dollar you spend on it.

If I were in your shoes I think I'd make the same decision. We aren't eligible for one of those package deals or I think I'd be doing it myself.

Hugs to you! xoxo

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