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November 11, 2011



Thank YOU, Angela, for your service and for the sacrifices you and Colby are making.


Agreed.... thank you! Are you still a reservist? and Thanks to your husband too!

Angela Noelle

Yes! My commitment is up next May. It's going to feel very strange to turn in that id card... At least I'll still have my dependent id ;)


Very well said!!! Thanks to you too for your sacrifices. :)

erin - heart in ireland

Thank you for your service and also that of your family!


I'm so grateful for the families who share their loved ones with us all--thank you for doing that, as well as for serving!


My dad served in Vietnam. My late grandfathers & my great uncle all served in WW2. And i have a couple of cousins serving now. Very proud. Love military families. Thank you for your service & Thanks to Colby, too! :)

Kate P

Great post! Thank you to Colby and all our servicemen and -women, past and present!

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