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November 14, 2011



Yay! Glad it is working out so well. That baby is so precious. I can see why you are enjoying him so much. :)


I guess all I can say is "You spiked your mom's Tab with Draino?!"
In all seriousness, I am happy you found a great fit for you! My cousin is going to be done babysitting next May and the thought of trying to find someone is filling me with dread - there are not enough amazing people out there like you who watch children! I think you'll be surprised how quickly you do find hours. I just wish you lived in St. Louis... :)


Ummmm, I second Becky when I say that I wish you lived in the STL area. I'm always looking for a good sitter! So glad you've found something you love!


So fun! Maybe i should get back into babysitting. I did it for YEARS (taught preschool, worked in a daycare, at a summer camp & then nannied), but finally got a boring cubicle job that paid more & had benefits. But if i get on Brad's insurance (which we are planning to do), then maybe. I sure miss it!

I may be the same as you with pregnancies being hard on me but not babies? I have the hardest time finding out friends are pregnant or seeing pregnant women. And sometimes strangers with babies. But yesterday i was at my husband's aunt's house & his cousin came over with their baby boy, Cayde Jackson & oh my heavens. I had not met him yet. He's 2 months old. I held him. I was even excited about getting to change his diaper. HA! :) SO SWEET. It was definitely good for my heart!

Elle sees

Babies! I'm giddy for you. I love hold em every chance I get.


Seriously, so far my favorite part of having a baby is that 'sleeping on my chest' bit. So sweet and snuggly. And it's the perfect angle for me to keep sniffing and kissing his head while he snoozes. :)


Yay! So glad to hear it's been working out so well. Glad you wrote that strongly worded email, they needed to know that wasn't a good way to handle notifying you about not being needed.


I'm glad this is working for you, and that being around little ones isn't too hard on your heart.

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