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October 11, 2011



I hope you guys get to spend some time together this week before Colby leaves! Also - I am SO jealous you got to sleep in until 11!!


I've never been to a Lia Sophia party, what did you end up getting?

Angela Noelle

Yes, it was very decadent :)

Angela Noelle

It was nice stuff! Kind of like Premier or Silpada if you've been to one of those. I got some pretty studs, silver and hematite hoops, and a long silver sparkly strand. Can't wait to get them in!

erin - heart in ireland

Uggh - it was kinda gross this weekend. I had to work Sat & Sun night at 5 both nights and I felt like I wasted the day. I hate working evenings when i have nothing in the day. Where did you go for pizza?

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