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October 07, 2011



This is so close to my heart as well. My mom is going on 7 years breast cancer free. Happy Birthday to your mama!


Oh, lawd, Angel. Momma's gonna be cryin' with this one! I know I am!! Love you and Momma!

The Incubator

You girls are my heart and I wear it proudly - a dream come true. And yes, I had to wait for the blurry screen to go away:)

Thoughts Appear

Awwww...Happy Birthday!


Beautiful story. Beautiful woman who I am very blessed to have in my life and love as well. :)


Awh, what a great post! Happy Birthday Angela's Mom!


You ladies look fabulous, as always! :)


What a lovely post. Happy birthday to your mama, she has a really great girl :)

Elle Sees

how wonderful!
my great-granny is a 15 yr survivor...she was diagnosed at 80! early detection is key!

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