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October 03, 2011



So fun! LOL at the Sister Wives thing :) I hope you get some good advice and options at your appointment today. Good luck!
Have a great time at the LSU game!

erin - heart in ireland

I can't wait until I have some friends visit - I've just spent the last 30 minutes looking at old menu's for Husk and it makes me miss a few of my DC friends and always trying fun restaurants. And I'm sure it was fun to see an old friend. I didn't know you also studied abroad in Ireland!

And this weekend's weather was fabulous! I still can't pull out my boots yet though!


Ooo... enjoy your sweaters! I'm o-so jealous!


I love it that you refer to your friend's hubby as "her newly acquired husband", like she just went out to the store one day and got a husband ;-)

Sounds like you're enjoying this time before Colby leaves. Glad to hear it. I know it'll be hard when he's gone, but you're so strong and you have a great support system to be with you every step of the way. I'll be thinking of you both!

Elle sees

So much going on for you. Glad you had a good the concept.

Operation Pink Herring

I felt so sheik when we saw all those reviews of Husk... we ate there! Thanks to you of course :)

Hope the RE has lots of answers for you guys.


Enjoy the fun days ahead and glad we get to spend some of it with y'all cheering on the Tigers. :)


So I'm finally taking some time at the computer to catch up - glad you enjoyed your time with your other "Irish friend" - you both look fabulous! Safe travels on the road next week!


Gorgeous dress! Where did you get it?

Reading these posts really makes me want to live in Charleston!

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