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October 06, 2011



Whitney is the best thing to come to this fall lineup! So damn funny :) I love Modern Family also of course. And I agree, I'm over HIMYM. I can't stand it anymore and I don't know when that happened. Maybe it's the reruns that have sunk the show for me and it's overload, I don't know, but I don't watch anymore. I used to love Two and a Half Men, still love the reruns, but I don't like the new season with Ashton Kutcher. Just not working for me at all.

steph anne

Your favorite shows are mine too (among many others) EXCEPT Pan Am. I only saw the first 2 episodes so far and it just hasn't hit it for me yet.


Whitney is pretty hilarious. I feel the same about Up All Night, I want to laugh at it, but I kind of don't as much. My other new favorite is New Girl. SO funny. Modern Family is by far the funniest show we watch though. Loooove it. Then you've got all your teenage girl shows like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Because I'm totally lame. The fact that I even watch as much TV as I do is lame in and of itself. (Oh, and also? Can't WAIT for Psych to start. That show is hilarious.)

The end!


I don't know... I'm really happy with How I Met Your Mother this season. I mean, I feel like it's back on track. Aside from last week's episode... but I was SO GLAD to see Victoria... I'm really excited for the Slutty Pumpkin and can't WAIT for Slapsgiving. I can totally see where you're coming from about the characters annoying you, don't get me wrong... but I still love them.


Loving "New Girl" to pieces! I'm sure I am not the target demographic, but I just might start singing and doing the chicken dance in super-slo-mo.
I have "Terra Nova" recorded but haven't teed it up yet. I have wondered if it might be good to watch with the niece and nephew. I want to try "American Horror Story" as well, but I'm afraid I won't like it and that would totally suck.

Also, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, but let's keep that our little secret, um-kay?

Angela Noelle

In regards to HIMYM, I think it's kind of like Friends in the later years--the characters have all become caricatures and the story line just doesn't feel honest.

Angela Noelle

Oh, bummer about Pan Am! I'm planning to watch it this weekend, we'll see how it goes!

Angela Noelle

Oh, how I LOVE Pretty Little Liars. It's actually a surprisingly good little mystery!

Angela Noelle

Yeah, the Victoria sighting was cool... but again, went nowhere. I guess I'm just not even excited about who the mom might be anymore, which is a big part of the reason to watch! But I shan't give up... not this close to the end! Hopefully Slapsgiving will be funny :)

Angela Noelle

I can't believe I forgot "New Girl"! I adore that show :) The slo-mo chicken dance was so dang funny! I think the kids would love Terra Nova. As for that last sentence, what did you say? I can't even remember...


Agree with a lot of your list. I am also not loving Project Runway. Since it went to LIfetime, it's a total SNORE

A Super Girl

Not HIMYM!! I love that show! Though, I only recently got into it when I Netflixed my brains out to watch the past seasons.

I've heard not so great things about Whitney, but the commercials look so funny! Sadly, I miss out on NBC Thursdays because I'm still watching Grey's and Private Practice (I KNOW!).

Thoughts Appear

Although I love HIMYM, I have to admit that I am, too, am not finding the show as funny as it used to be. I just wanna meet the mom, too. I still want it to be the bakery girl from the 1st season. I know it's not, but still....


The only 2 shows that I kept are Glee and Vampire Diaries...agree with you on your points for both of those shows! I dropped Grey's (abortion line...not having it) and Private Practice...I tried to stick it out with both of them, but the characters grate on my last nerve. I added Modern Family to the dvr after a visit with your folks and recommendation of a friend, but haven't watched it yet. 3 shows...that's about all I can handle!


I'm over Project Runway. I was watching out of obligation last season and I had a friend who had just started watching it who absolutely GUSHED about it and all I could say is "go back and watch the first few seasons." I quit cold turkey.

I also quit watching Survivor and only watch The Amazing Race because my husband likes to watch. They've just run their course for me. I also haven't been watching my beloved Bravo shows as much, but that's purely because I don't have as much time.

Kate P

I second your "On Notice" list--and yes to the "New Girl" fans! Love that "Leo" from "Veronica Mars" is on it but haaate the time slot.


Modern Family rocks!!!! Love Mitchell and Cam, and Gloria! We just got into that show about a month ago, and have caught up 2+ seasons of it yesterday! Love it!!!!

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