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October 28, 2011



I cannot even imagine. I'm sorry honey. I'm not the far away and am now on maternity leave so we could try to meet halfway sometime.?! (not sure which punctuation mark to end that on so I just decided to use 3 different ones)


Thank you for the sacrifice you have made/ are making for all of us!! Please know that I admire and appreciate you so much. I'm glad to hear you have friends (and family on the away) surrounding you!!!!


Oh, Angela. I'm so sorry. Even though I know it doesn't make it any easier for you or Colby, please know that the sacrifices you're both making are so much appreciated here in my little corner of the world.


I will help you stay busy, busy, busy. Let the countdown begin.


I haven't yet commented but I had to today.... I hear you. We've only done two deployments, but the second where I was there to say goodbye and watch as those buses drove away? THE hardest. Its not a moment I'll forget. I'm glad you have some fun things planned, always helps to have something to look forward to..thinking of you.

Thoughts Appear

I'm sorry you're so shaken up by this deployment. You've got 1 less day to go now though.


I'm so sorry - my sister has gone through deployments before and I know how hard they are on spouses & family members. I'm thinking of you - and like Thoughts Appear said...every morning is one day less without him.


I'm so sorry, Angela! {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}


aw friend i just want to give you a big hug and a giant glass of wine. thinking of you so much.


Words don't seem nearly enough, but I admire your strength and love you lots. Big hugs being sent your way...

Kate P

I thought of you and Colby today and said a prayer for him and his squadron. I promise I'll keep it up (and add in everyone who's waiting for them).


So sorry! :( I can't imagine doing what you do. Keep yourself busy, enjoy time with friends and family and lovely junk food and T.V. :) You and Colby are in my thoughts and prayers.


I am so sorry, Angela! So thankful for you that you have family coming soon & lots of trips planned! I can't imagine going through this & am thankful for couples like you that make these kinds of sacrifices. I pray it goes by very very quickly. Love & Hugs!


Sorry, girlfriend. Life without the person you love most is so hard. Hang in there, good for you for continuing to write!

Cat, aka PiG


I'm so sorry. This must be so hard, I simply can't imagine! you're so brave! (and so is Colby.)

erin - heart in ireland

Big hugs - I'm thinking of you & Colby and the rest of the families. I'm sure it gets harder with each deployment, because you know what the ones before were like, but it sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy. Plus we need to figure out plans to meet up! I would love to do dinner sometime!

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