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October 13, 2011



Ugh. I hate when life is like this - up and down all the time, it's so exhausting. But I always remind myself that at least I have some good things.

Also, and lord almighty I hope this doesn't sound stalker-ish, but I was just reading your "about me" section and I thought I was the only person who counted things. Also, I LOVE Alfred Hitchcock, and my husband thinks I'm crazy. But Rear Window is one of my all time favorite movies. I have a bad reaction whenever I hear the music to Psycho too, but that's a story for another day.


Down: When I'm sick (currently with sore throat and cough)
Up: Dayquil, Nyquil, cough drops, basically any medicine and getting whatever I need to make me feel better (ice cream, chocolate, etc.)

Down: when my daughter is sick (currently with runny nose and cough)
Up: medicines and her cheerful mood-that makes everything better!

Down: husband working long hours (up before Caity wakes and home after she's in bed) and not being around to help or hang out with us.
Up: the weekend is just around the corner so (hopefully) he won't have any emergencies and we can have him for two whole days.

I'm sorry about all your downs. I hope you have more ups the rest of the week :)


Sorry to hear about all the downs. :(

Down: the stress in this house lately with the upcoming deployment.
Up: a weekend in TN with some of my favorite people to watch the Tigers kick some ass.


Down: My daughter is still sick for the third week in a row.
Up: The doctors are finally listening to me and that hopefully means that she'll get better soon.
Down: I wanted the iPhone 5 too! I was really looking forward to it! (It sounds like you're an Apple fan too, which is awesome :)
Up: Hubby figured out how we can upgrade to the iPhone 4S for free!
Down: I haven't been able to find more time for blogging.
Up: I found YOUR blog! :)


Okay, so now the f-tubs comment on Twitter is making sense! I was wondering what the heck you were talking about. :)

I'm so sorry to hear about possible more issues with your fertility situation and your house--oh man-sucky. As for the iPhone, I'm still jealous, I want one but TMobile doesn't offer them...yet.

P.S. I can relate about the sheets because my husband's feet stick out just enough to do the same business and it drives me crazy. I've threatened to staple the sheets to the underside of the bed!


I don't really like my sheets tucked in, and I fit in the bed just fine.

Down--Leaving the house and returning home in the dark because I am working my ass off at my new job.

Up--My doctor is wonderful, good to work for, and actually asked me out loud, "Are you easily offended?" I laughed in his face. Then we watched the "Honey Badger" on youtube like cackling children.

Elle Sees

i've been down a lot too. my bday is next week and i'll be *gulp* 35. my time has almost run out if i want a family. it sucks.
i feel ya girl.


down: monster blisters on my pinkie toes and tendinitis of my tibialis posterior (ankle/foot) muscle.
up: completing my first half marathon on sunday makes the above ailments kinda worth it.

yay for your fallopian tubes being uber stellar!

A Super Girl

Another deployment? No fun :-(

And a random question -- I have an iPhone 4 and hear all this talk about updating the iOS. How does one do that on their phone?


I just want to say really quick that the sheets comment cracked me up as I know EXACTLY what you mean :)


up - I have a job
down - it's kicking my a**
up - fall is gorgeous
down - it rained today and i needed to mow the grass
up - I have a wonderful husband and am alive
down - I was never able to have kids
up - I have lost 9 lbs. recently
down - I have 36 lbs. to go

Old Warrior

Data Doctors and PC Mag both report lots of problems with IOS updates, include "bricking" the phone. Maybe wait a few weeks do they can get the bugs out

steph anne

The Pinterest app is way too addicting and that's not a good thing especially in bed when I'm trying to go to sleep! :)


Lol. I like the way you are able to see the bright side to some tough situations! Fingers crossed that your life starts becoming more ups an not so many downs very soon :)

Kate P

I realize your ups and downs are from last week, but still they are full of good stuff! I'm a little down with a cold and bummer stuff at school, but I'm up on helping my cousin get hitched successfully, and I had a good writing session last night.

Speaking of UP: Your questions and my answers are up over at my blog! :)

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