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September 27, 2011



Absolutely STUNNING photos. Really. I loved Austria but you guys managed to capture how gorgeous it is. What a great trip!


I loved Austria (and Switzerland!) for the reasons you mentioned - beautiful scenery, fresh air...sigh. It's just so beautiful. Looks like you had a great time! And that picture where your heels are hanging over the edge? Yikes! I would have freaked out.


LOVED this pictures. what an amazing trip. I loved Austria - I only went once and spent most of the time skiing but man are those little towns quaint!


it's official, austria has been added to my must-travel-to list, you've convinced me, haha.

Kate P

It's so cool how much you got to see in basically a couple of days! (You are very brave to have sat right there at the overlook. . .)

erin - heart in ireland

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! i loved austria and i only went to vienna. i wish i had gone to salzburg but it didn't fit well with the trip. that church is awesome - it reminds me of one outside of prague in hunta kora. and that overlook - need to go there!


That first photo of you is absolutely wonderful! And the two of you look awfully cute in your uniforms...

Thoughts Appear

I love that first picture of you! The ice caves look really cool. I love reading about your travels and seeing all the pics.


PLease tell me you spent a sufficient amount of time running around the hills singing The Sound of Music. I totally would.

Melissa B

Oh, wow!!!!!!!! What an amazing finale to your exciting vacation!

steph anne

Oh my gosh, I love that movie so I'm jealous of you! That looks like a lovely time for sure!


I just read through all of your trip posts and my goodness your photos are gorgeous! It looks like you had such an incredible time!

Fraulein N

I don't know when/if I'll get to travel the world, so I really appreciate the photos and stories you bring back.

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