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September 08, 2011



I've always wanted to go to Paris too! And I have heard everything bad about Paris too, mostly because it is dirty. But I wouldn't have listened either! I love your pictures, especially the gargoyle one. Totally my fave.

erin - heart in ireland

Gorgeous gorgeous photos! Sainte-Chapelle was one of my favorite things in Paris! And the New Europe tours are my absolute favorite! I do them whenever I can and it is great to see how much they are spreading around Europe. Can't wait to hear about the rest!


Seriously great photos! I think Paris is awesome. I tried out my french and they seemed happy enough with it. They aren't the Irish but there you go. It is still a fabulous city. And it looks like you were blessed with the weather too. You guys really soak it all in when you hit a town, don't you?? Thanks for sharing.


yep i officially need to go on another european adventure. i also need to own your shirt/skirt/dress? it's SO CUTE!! :)


I love the pics of the stained glass!

Old Warrior

Did you find a Mickey -D's?

Kate P

Quite the tour of Paris! Vivaldi in a tiny church in Paris sounds heavenly.

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