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September 12, 2011



WWII fascinates me too, and this must have been amazing to see. Thanks for sharing!

erin - heart in ireland

wow, those pictures are amazing. normandy is on my must do list. WWII really intrigues me and as a social studies teacher i love being able to go to the places that i teach about. and i agree - being in europe you see the war so much more in everyday life still.

Melissa B

The photos really take me there. I bet it was amazing to visit these spots in person.


My focus with my history degree was in WWII. (Just to show you how much I love it...I got my second bachelor's in it because I love the topic so much. And, to this day, I've never even used that darn degree. Not once. Other than in Trivial Pursuit.)

Anyway, I loved it. I still do. I read books about it all the time. It's truly shaped so much of how our world works. Even to this day.


wow, these really are beautiful and quite awe inspiring pictures. i can't even imagine what it was like to actually be there.

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