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September 14, 2011



Another great addition to your travel blog! ;) I love the photos of you drinking the beer, that thing was HUGE! More power to you. I would've had to share with Martin, I think. :)

Thoughts Appear

It was really interesting to read about Dodger's Alley! That's amazing that you visited Dachau. That must have been very somber. Whenever I've visited the Holocaust Museum in DC, everyone is silent.


What a great trip! The Dodger's Alley was super interesting. What a sad history that place has. :( I can't believe those people surf there! It's great that you had an English tour in Dachau-much more information that way. What great seats for dinner! And that beer glass is HUGE!!!!! There's no way I could finish that...but I guess I would if I was in a beer garden in Munich!


i seriously can't get over how great your pictures are, makes me want to head back to germany this second. also, even though i'm not a beer drinker i feel like i'd order a giant beer just because, it just looks so fun to drink out of!

steph anne

Wow, sounds like an amazing time. Surfing in that?! interesting! That's a good picture of you drinking beer. ;)


I haven't been to Munich - but I think people either love it or hate it.

Loved your pictures.


I really enjoyed looking at these pictures. I can't WAIT to go to Europe!

erin - heart in ireland

Your photos are absolutely stunning wherever you are! I loved Germany and can't wait to go back to go to Munich one day!

Elle Sees

When I went to Dachau, I felt such an overwhelming sadness. It was so bizarre--I kept feeling like I needed to help them. Weird, I know. But I'm so glad I went. I have relatives who are Holocaust survivors (not of Dachau).

Kate P

Sounds and looks like a great adventure in Germany. My dad enjoyed Munich when he went for work (but then again it was different in the late '90s). Still keeps in touch with the Austrian associate he met who had a lead foot on the Autobahn!

I am just trying to imagine what that white beer with lemonade tasted like.

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