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September 30, 2011



Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for the great recap. I totally want to go to Germany and Austria now!!!

Operation Pink Herring

These recaps are killing me... I wanna go on a European vacation so badly now! Looks like such a fabulous time. And great photos!

erin - heart in ireland

Ahhhhh - sooo much fun! I've wanted to go to Neuschwanstein since I did a project on it in 7th grade!

Loved hearing about all your European adventures!


We live near a town named Heidelberg. It is not nearly that picturesque!


It's so funny that you compared Fusson to a Disney village because that is exactly what I thought when I saw that first picture. It's almost so beautiful you can't believe it's REAL.
Glad other people's screw ups gave you an extra day in Germany!!
Thank you for sharing your trip with us. If I can't get my buns to Europe this year I'm glad to live vicariously through you.


I loved heidelberg!

I've never heard of fusson it sounds like fun!

Elle sees

Just got caught up reDing your last two posts...making me relive and miss my European trip all over again.

Kate P

How would you decide where to live--you've had such neat trips everywhere! I've really enjoyed your recaps and am so happy you two got to take this trip.

Punctuation Mark

love your pics... such a great trip!

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