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September 09, 2011



Your photos are stunning. I can't believe Giverny! Out of control beauty.


I totally agree with Molly. Your photos are stunning. It really sounds like the perfect trip!

erin - heart in ireland

absolutely gorgeous photos! i love that you went to monet's garden! he is one of my favorite artists. you make me want to go back to paris! i went in december and while i had a good time, it wasn't my favorite place in europe but seeing your pictures makes me want to go back in the spring/summer and do more outside of paris. We didn't go to Versailles because parts of it were under renovation and we only had 2 full days in paris. But we did take pictures outside the moulin rouge!

Amy --- Just A Titch

What beautiful photos! This makes me all sorts of excited for my trip to Paris in March :)



A Super Girl

So, I have to say, I'm so jealous of this trip and the way you write about it with such casual enjoyment. Especially since the trip was a bit of a spontaneous adventure. You guys seem so at ease, biking and walking and driving around. I remember my one trip to Europe and while it was fun, I don't remember feeling at ease to the point that I'd hop in a car and drive from Paris to Normandy. And making a quick detour to Claude Monet's? How fun.

I know it's really all about the pre-research, something I usually don't have energy for. Maybe I should have you start researching all my vacations!


I don't believe you about the escargot.


Versailles is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see it in March, you made me so excited!!


Absolutely beautiful! So want to go back and just stroll through Monet's garden :)
I Loved escargot too! I love all your pictures :)

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