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August 26, 2011



I love this! :) Excellent advice Kristina!


This was great. People do tend to only highlight the happy parts of marriage and try to shy away from the "bad". I grew up with fighting parents that eventually divorced (thank God) and so did my hubby. We went into our marriage knowing that it's not all romance and fun and I'm pretty grateful for that. We've been married for 5 years and have had a really great time :) Whenever friends get married I make sure to tell them about the arguments and any other "downs" that can come up.
I have no idea how to fix the sock problem. Have you tried just telling him to put them away or leaving them there until they pile up and he gets the hint? Or put them on his pillow? The last thing you should do is put them away. They're not your socks :)Good luck!


"Trust me, nothing tests your marriage like whisper-screaming at each other at 3 am." This literally made me LOL! My husband and I are expecting our first baby in November, and this is the one aspect of it that I am dreading - the middle of the night arguing in a sleep deprived state. I know it will happen, but I'm not looking forward to it. :)


Good luck with the socks thing. My man leaves his all over the place....and not just socks, all of his clothes!! I have found shirts in the living room on the couch, socks on the floor in every room and clothes right next to the laundry basket...seriously. I just go through the whole place on laundry day. If you find the answer please tell me!! This was a great post :)


This was a fantastic post and OH SO TRUE! I love married life, we were warned about it a LOT & have been pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it is! That said, each thing you talked about (especially, ahem, #2) is so true! We don't have kids yet, so i enjoyed hearing your thoughts on how that will change things. :)


Thanks for all the comments guys!

Veronica- Thank you!

Solange- Like I said, I grew up with no fighting and my husband grew up with ALL FIGHTING ALL THE TIME. So even now we argue b/c I say we fight too much and he thinks we hardly fight at all :)

Julie- Kids bring out the best and worst in a marriage. But the good thing is that most fights are overshadowed by sweet baby smiles, so it all works out in the end :) Congratulations and good luck!

Jennyfer- I will let you know how I figure it out -- but I'm liking Solange's suggestion of leaving them on his pillow :)

Melissa- That's awesome it's better than you expected!! I think that over-warning a new couple can put a sour taste in their mouth before it's necessary. :)


Nice post. It is so true, I used to fall to pieces when we fought because we were in love and not supposed to fight. And now I'm just like whatever, it is just a fight :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Love this post, Kristina! Amazing advice and beautifully written. When you figure out the socks thing, let me know.


HA. I refuse to do Hubby's laundry if it's not in the right place. And I throw it in the hallway so that he has to step around it. Mature? Absolutely not. Do I recommend it? Not really. Does it work? Sometimes.

Great post with excellent insight. Thanks for sharing!


Brittany- I'm the same way. Now when we fight, I recognize that we'll move on from it and it probably won't matter a day from now!

Life- Thanks! Maybe ask Mr. D if there is some kind of DNA/genetic component to my husband's ridiculousness? :)

Lynn- I like your idea. A LOT.

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