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August 18, 2011



My heart was in my throat as I read this. Karen, thank you for sharing your story.

Melissa B

Thank you. Thank you for sharing this story so we may remember with you.


Thank you for reading, Heidi and Melissa. For whatever reason, the links in the post to my blog are not working. Sorry!


A Super Girl

Have you ever seen the movie "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young", with Mel Gibson? It's based on a true story about Vietnam soldiers and I love it because it depicts not only the war zone, but the homefront as well. As a former Army brat, I identify with the wife and kids who are at home while dad is off at war, trying to make the best of things and then slowly beginning to receive the notifications from abroad. I don't know that many people really understand the complexities of military life -- for both the soldiers/airmen/sailors/mariens and the people they leave at home.


As an Air Force wife, I really identify with the fear and uncertainty and profound sadness you are describing! Military marriage are among the most, I think, rewarding and caring. You learn quickly to maximize time together and value your loved one's presence. Thank you for sharing your story!


Thank you so much for sharing this story. I can't even imagine living with this fear day in and day out and then having it hit so very close to home.

Thank you, and your husband, and your family and friends, for the sacrifices you're making to keep the rest of us safe.


This post moved me to tears. So well written, and I am happy to hear your husband made it home safely and I will say a silent prayer for those who didn't. Thank you for sharing that story, I can't imagine what that moment must have been like for you,


I think I cried harder reading this post then I have in a while. Thank you for sharing. It really makes you think about how lucky you are to have your loved ones home and safe when so many others do not.

Karen @ My Goal is Simple

Thank you for all the kind comments. I really appreciate them. Thank you.


Every time my husband deployed, I had the same fears. Never did I receive a notification, however, and I'm deeply grateful for that. Even reading your post (and crying into my coffee over it!), I can't imagine that sinking feeling that must have come over you. God rest the souls of the fallen.

Thank you for sharing this.

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