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August 19, 2011



Oooh, this is so much fun! I love all of your ideas.

Friends of mine did Bora Bora and Morea (Tahiti), they loved it but it was really pricey when they were there. I think that would be perfect if all you wanted to do was lay around, eat and drink. :)

If you want to go to Spain, I think you should go! A few of my friends went there and loved Barcelona, it's more of a "touring" place and I don't know how warm the beaches will be in April. Day trip to Paris would be nice too. I've been there a couple of times and if all you want to do is check out the sites then you could get that done in a short time. I would be very excited to use your fiances marriot points!

I loved the Caribbean. It's always warm! The hurricane season is from June-November but we went in July and only had 1 rainy day that lasted a few minutes. We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon and LOVED it. And if you want all inclusive-that's an option. We stayed in Ocho Rios (Tower Isle) through couples resorts. This was over 5 years ago so things have changed a bit (upgrades) but it was incredible. ALL-INCLUSIVE! Check out their site. They have 4 resorts in Jamaica, no kids allowed (which was a major plus for us), no tipping policy, and seriously the friendliest staff ever. The food was so good. I think my husband and I were in a permanent "full of good food and buzzed" state for the week we were there :)There were excursions to go on lots of water activities (included) to do as well! I wish we had stayed longer.

I would love to go to Greece. The beaches should be nice there (maybe cold) so I think you would have a mix of relaxation and tourist fun.

Good luck!!!

Melissa B

Wow...toughie! All of those options sound great!

I'd be tempted to do the Spain or Greece trip! The Caribbean would be my last choice, especially since you've been there before. Also, I'd expect that choice to be the most crowded of your four choices since your honeymoon will be around most school's Spring Breaks.

Regardless of what you decide, it will be wonderful. You'll be spending time with your husband and making great memories :)


Hawaii - It is very romantic and relaxing. It isn't as commercial as you may think. You can just veg out or find some adventure.

steph anne

OPTION ONE!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Bora Bora and would ABSOLUTELY love to go someday.

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