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August 16, 2011



Great choice for guest blogger! Keep her.

Dana K

HA! Thank you!!!


I love Charleston. I went to college at Clemson University so my husband (then boyfriend) and I used to go there whenever we got a chance! Great post. :) My favorite thing about Charleston is the food, architecture, and history.


I have an aunt and uncle who visited Charleston for the very first time this spring and couldn't say enough wonderful things about it!

Dana K

I definitely miss the food! Charlestonians know how to eat, for sure! The architecture is very striking - especially when you drive over the bridges and see all of the steeples. It makes for a unique skyline.

Dana K

Awesome! Charleston is a city that can be visited year round, even though the summers can get a bit extra "sultry" due to the humidity. If you haven't visited, you should! (make your aunt & uncle take you!)


Aww, what a lovely post about my hometown! Thanks!!

Dana K

It was easy! I'd love to move back someday.


When Angela posted about Charleston last week, I told that I was dying to visit. Thank you for making me even more excited! It sounds like a pretty fantastic city. Can't wait to experience it for myself!

Dana K

YAY!! I really do love Charleston and I hope I don't build her up too much, lol. I hope you get a chance to go for yourself soon!


I've heard so many great things about Charleston! Now you're going to make me want to go there!

Dana K

Charleston is awesome! It's a great place for families or couples...or just a GIRL'S WEEKEND with your favorite bloggers. ;-) (I'd totally meet you there)


It's all about the food in Charleston for me. Oh, and we really enjoy going to the festivals in the spring in fall.

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