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August 11, 2011



Ok, so now I am suddenly very very hungry...especially for FIG. :)


I am officially super jealous. Wine dispensers?!

Melissa B

Great. I just ate, and now I'm hungry again! All of that sounds delicious! You've really piqued my interest in Charleston though your blog posts, including the ones not about food ;) It's now on my list of places to visit :)


Charleston is on my list of places to visit - everything looks so charming and quaint. Also - FIG and what it stands for? Very cute!

Cara Staten

I'm pretty sure that the chef at Fig is famous...he was on a show on the Food Network once. My sister is a FN freak and told me that I absolutely must go to Fig while we live here. I'm glad to hear that you give it such a great review!

Dana K

None of these places were there when I lived there. I need to move into Wine Awhile.

erin - heart in ireland

yum! yum! i can't wait to try all these places! especially wine awhile! i am SO excited to be moving to charleston!


A lot of bloggers seem to talk about charleston- my best friend and I are looking for a mini vacation weekend in a location, maybe I'll do some research!

Kate P

I want wine stations, too! Pennsylvania's probably funny about that kind of stuff.


YUM. And actually, your first paragraph won me over. I have been telling my husband i want to move to either Charleston or Savannah for years now... & i've never actually been to either place. I just have this picture in my head of what they're like! Haha.

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