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August 02, 2011



I am SOOOOO much like you in our travel personalities :) Unfortunately/Fortunately Terry is NOT! But I am learning to find a happy medium. I schedule a couple of things that I believe we just "HAVE TO DO" and leave him some time to 'wing it'. I am learning to enjoy the winging it part :)

Operation Pink Herring

I am not all that spontaneous of a person in general, but I am pretty laid-back about vacation planning... which is a nice way of saying I'm super lazy. I hate researching and planning trips, probably because all our family trips as a kid were planned from 8am (or earlier) to 10pm and I hated getting up so early and being so busy all day. When Joel and I travel, we generally read a travel book on the plane or in the car on the way there. Or... we email people and ask for recommendations and then just do what they say :) We usually have one or two key things we'll plan to do each day when we're on a big trip and then we just play the rest by ear.

No matter what you'll be 1) together, which makes even disastrous nights spent sleeping on a park bench better, and 2) in an awesome place. Hope you have a great time... can't wait to hear all about it!

Cara Staten

I'm with you and like to plan! Good luck! I'm sure it will be a blast to go on an open ended adventure!


Is it weird that I'm working on a post that also includes this quote? After I saw it on pintrest yesterday it's been on my mind. I envy people who just go with the flow, but it's not a skill I have, regardless of whether it's a little thing or a big thing.


I'm pretty laid back about vacation- once I get there. But before I get there, I need to know where I'm going and where I'm staying. After that, I'm easy.

But I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun no matter what- you'll figure it out!


Like you, I adore planning. However, I HAVE done some go-with-the-flow trips successfully ... mostly. I would recommend having good maps. The US will be easier because you'll have the 3Gs; Europe, you won't. In Europe, most towns have an information/tourist center where you can buy reduced-price tickets for EVERYTHING (including transportation), and they usually have an English-speaker on staff. And if you're going to be in Germany for more than 3 days at the beginning of your trip, you can go to ITT and buy a US-rate, multi-country Eurorail pass. Once you're on the train, you'll be fine. Plus, there are always B&Bs around, hostels, Western hotels ... everything.


Come visit me in Germany!!! =) Do you know what part of Germany you would/will be in?


Scotty and I spent 2.5 weeks in Europe last year with almost zero planning :) we knew where we were going to stay the first night and that we wanted to fly into Berlin, visit a bunch of countries and fly out of Geneva so we booked a hotel on each end and bought a train pass. Each night we used the wifi on our phones (there is wifi eeeeeverywhere) to book the next day or so. It allowed us to stay longer in places we loved and move on in those we didn't. And add cities along the way as we heard of ideas from people we met! We only ended up almost sleeping in a train station once (but ended up paying $300 for a hotel). I wouldn't do it any other way!!

Relaaaax, it will all be ok! You'll be in Europe :)

Thoughts Appear

I'm just like you. I would want to know what we're doing, where we're going, when. I hope you have fun!

erin - heart in ireland

YAY! Spontaneous travel is my favorite kind of travel! My advice for you is to have an idea of the places you would like to go and think about how long you would like to spend there and use that as a rough schedule but be open to changing it if you LOVE a city or decide I don't really need 3 days here, or oohhhh let's go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon too... My family and I did 2 week west coast road trip and all we had was flights into San Diego and out of Phoenix. The only place we couldn't get a hotel was one of the nights in San Diego, but we stayed about an hour outside and found an awesome little coastal town that we fell in love with.

Advice on how to do it - use tourist info centers in each Euro town to get a map and see what they recommend, plus a few guide books to look at prior to going are always good. I get mine from libraries. Will you be renting a car or trains? Because a car is easier if you want to go to smaller places and you won't get charged the last minute train prices. I wish I was more spontaneous on my 3 week Euro trip this January, but traveling by myself in countries where I didn't know any of the languages I decided (and for my parents sake) to plan the trip and I wish I could have been more spontaneous!

Have fun wherever you go!

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