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July 19, 2011


To the Nth

I'm so glad your doctor is a good one -- sounds like she's going to be a partner in this venture rather than a source of more hoops through which to jump. I hope you get some useful information from the tests that leads you down the path to your baby.


I'm glad your doctor isn't waiting out of some sort of obligation to be 'by the book.' Good luck to you both!


Yay for amazing doctors. Having just done ALL of the above, I'll write you an email about them. None of them are too bad and making fun of your husband for his ONE awkward test is great fun :) Best wishes for good test results! xoxo

Angela Noelle

It's amazing how much better it feels to have a doctor take your concerns into account rather than brushing them off. Here's to hoping!

Angela Noelle

Kate, I would love to hear your thoughts. I'm glad that you didn't think they were too bad!

Angela Noelle

Thanks, Abby! We'll take all the luck we can get ;)


Love you my friend! I hate to hear of the sad times like Sunday night but good for you for making the most of everything and looking at the bright side. I just love that you are sharing your story. It is unbelievable what goes into all this baby making and too many people feel like they have to go through all of this alone. Best wishes.


I'm so sorry about your latest bad day:( I hope you and your doctor can work out what's going on so you can have your baby soon. A friend of mine tried for close to a year and when she finally did the testing they discovered that she wasn't ovulating regularly (or at all?). But she took some medicine to improve her ovulation and was pregnant a couple of cycles later!

Good luck!!!


I'll look forward to hearing all the test results! My doc just went ahead and put me on Progesterone after hearing about my abnormal spotting. I may need to call and talk after you get all the tests, since I'm starting to wonder if it is helping at all. Good luck and I hope you get some answers!!


Oh, I'm so glad to hear about your next step! And I agree, sounds like your doctor has got some common sense and I'm so glad to hear she is taking your careful charting and effort into account and not forcing you to just keep waiting! I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys...I hope your answers are easy and quick to come by and that you get that baby in your belly soon!


I am wishing and hoping and sending fairy dust and baby vibes your way! I am sorry it has gotten you to this point of frustration. Hang in there, sweetie.

Colby will be just fine, I'm sure. It reminds me of a friend couple who were dealing with similar challenges. They went to a new doctor, and the man was given a cup and asked for a sample. He had made the "awkward" donation more than once, so he went in the bathroom and returned with a cup. The person to whom he gave the cup to looked at it for a moment and asked, "Does your urine always look like this?" (They have babies now, just for the record.)


Good for you for educating yourself and voicing your concerns. And that's great that your doctor is LISTENING to your concerns and advocating for you! I hope you can get some answers from these upcoming tests. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Colby :-)


I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband and a wonderful doctor - I am sure they make all the difference in this journey.

Thanks for being so open about things with us - we are all rooting for you! And I am confident you will get some cute little babies out of this. :) In the meantime, let's enjoy the wine!

Angela Noelle

Love you too, and miss you! Your support means the world to me.

Angela Noelle

Yes! Fortunately we live in a day and age in which doctors can do so much to assist with fertility. I'm just looking forward to having some answers!

Old Warrior

Way back in the dark ages (pre-Incubator), my practice wife and I went through the primative medical version of your ordeal. After much activity in calendars, thermometers, and planned romantic maneuvers similar to the D-Day Invasion - no baby.

Months of various medical tests seemed to "prove" that I was borderline infertile - low count and minimal motility. In vitro didn't exist

This medical expert "infertile" certification allowed us to proceed to the adoption phase. Adoption was nearly as traumatic and stressful as the preliminary pregnancy failure journey. Following successful adoption, with reproduction apparently not being possible, the calendar, temp chart, and schedule faded away.

This was followed with three seemingly "miracal" babies, of which you are #2. Since I turned out to be somewhat less infertile than the experts had proclaimed, we made it more certain with a vasectomy. Seems a bit ironic.

This story of my journey along a similar path is not likely to provide any significant comfort to you, but perhaps it will highlight the folly of trying to out think nature - or, put too much weight on the scientific assesments.

The angst and disappointment won't go away and you are doing a great job of living each day with a pretty darn positive outlook. Sounds like Colby is a great partner and empathetic shoulder to cry on.

Angela Noelle

I am absolutely free to talk any time. I don't know how much help I could be, but if you have any questions I'd definitely love to try and help :) Good luck to you, I'm thinking of you a lot lately!

Angela Noelle

Thanks, girl! Yeah, she's a great doctor and it's just so nice to have my efforts and concerns validated and not belittled.

Angela Noelle

Bwahahahaha!!!! Oh my gosh, that was the most amazing story I've heard in a long time!!! I needed that guffaw ;)

Angela Noelle

It's so important to advocate for and educate yourself, but so much better when your doctor does their job and does it for you ;) Thanks, and I'm hoping for the same!!

Angela Noelle

The wonderful husband is definitely the best part of the deal :) Thanks, Jen, I think I'm going to go pour myself a glass right this very minute!

Angela Noelle

It is comforting, at least in the knowledge that against all odds, you got your absolutely amazing daughters (if I do say so myself!). It's certainly a frustrating journey, but I know I'm hardly the first nor last to experience it, and all we can do is take it a day at a time and hope for the best. Love you!!


Oh, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. Wishing you the best and hoping that treatment is straight-forward and successful!


I just finished my first round of Clomid, and was told that I didn't even ovulate, my progesterone levels were .8! Yowza. I totally understand feeling like you're totally broken. I was absolutely devastated. I've Googled the crap out of pretty much everything "Early Pregnancy" related, haha. If you ever need someone to vent to, I'm right there with ya sista! I just have to keep telling myself that it will happen when it's supposed to, which sucks when I feel like it's supposed to happen NOW. But it'll happen... eventually. My fingers are crossed for you, girl!


I heart you doctor and you...

I'm glad you're able to take a little more control now, you sweet girl.

I'll be keeping baby thoughts for you two.



=( (hugs) So happy you have a doctor who treats case by case. Waiting and not doing anything can be the hardest part. I know I always feel better when we're being proactive and things are getting done. I hope your blood work gives you some answers and you guys are in the baby way soon!


Just wanting to send lots of hugs and love!

Pink Herring

I'm so glad your doctor is willing to go ahead with testing now. I always thought a year was ridiculously long to wait, especially when you know you've been hitting your ovulation days. I hope the tests give you some answers, and like you said above... thank goodness we live in an age where we have options available if it turns out that there is something going on. You WILL get your baby.


That is so great that your Dr listened to your concerns and information - I hope the next few months bring some answers. I always thought that sending "baby dust" sounded odd, so I will just say I am praying for you - how's that? ;)


I have PCOS....and hypothyroidism. But I do not "look" like I have either so it took years to be tested and diagnosed. Be persistent if something doesn't feel right. Love you.

Angela Noelle

Thank you, Kristina! I hope for the same :)

Angela Noelle

Oh, Chels, I'm so sorry :( Same thing with the venting! If you need to talk, I'm here. This is so horrible frustrating. I'm trying to trust in the same thing, but it does get hard sometimes.

Angela Noelle

Yes, even if it's just a delusion of control, I'll take it! Love ya!

Angela Noelle

I am terrible at waiting, so as much as I hate that it's gotten to this point, I'm glad that we're going after the answers now. Thanks, girl!

Angela Noelle

I'll take 'em! Love you!

Angela Noelle

Yeah, I tend to think the year thing is really more applicable to people who are having unprotected sex, but not really pinpointing ovulation. In which case, of course it will take longer. But either way, I'm just hopeful for some answers that will lead us to an easy fix!

Angela Noelle

MUCH better than baby dust!!

Angela Noelle

I've definitely learned the importance of being your own advocate. It's frustrating, but we care an awful lot more about our health and bodies than the doctors do!! Love you too, cuz :)

Thoughts Appear

I'm glad your doctor is doing the testing a little early. I hope everything works out for you...and soon!


I just saw this post and I am SOOO excited for you to finally know what is going on! I imagine that not knowing is the most frustrating part of it, because you can't FIX IT if you don't know what is wrong. Praying that it is a not-so-complicated fix and you will be in the "pre-deployment baby boom"! =) I'm so sorry to hear about the painful days that you've had to endure, but it IS worth it, and I am SO impressed with you for doing all of this research and becoming your own advocate. It will all pay off very soon, when you are finally holding your sweet baby in your arms! <3


Hi, me again. :) I hope you find the answer very soon, Angela! So glad that you have a sweet husband... we are lucky in that regard! We have not been TTC long... we were supposed to start trying in April. My 4th cycle charting started 2/23/11 & continued until 5/15 - an 80 day cycle. Long story short, I went to the obgyn & discovered I am Insulin Resistant, which can affect your cycles & fertility. I was sooo thankful to find out this info, because i went to my GP in March to figure out why i couldn't lose weight (despite completely changing my diet & exercising 5x/week) & he came up with NOTHING...didn't even consider IR, even after I told him my family history & that my periods were not regular. So they've now put me on Metformin (for the IR) & it should regulate my cycles. I am now in my 6th chart, my first that looks good & tomorrow's temp would be the 3rd above the coverline... here's hoping!! :) It is my first chart with all the right things so far...

ANYWAY, idk why i just shared all that with you! :) But i guess hearing your story made me want to share mine. I will be thinking of you & praying that you get some answers very quickly! So glad you have a great doctor!


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