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July 12, 2011



Oh, yuck. Better you than me ... but good on you for sticking with it! Are you feeling flushed out?

Melissa B

Besides the Epsom solution all the liquids sound tasty, at least :) These cleanses have intrigued me for a while. I'm interested to hear your summary once you've completed this cleansing experience.


It sounds like you're preparing yourself to become stock for soup?
I think that with health insurance it would be easier, and maybe cost the same as a colonoscopy! AND it would all be done in one day! (can't believe I'd consider a colonoscopy preferable to what you're doing!)

Angela Noelle

Oh yeah, I definitely feel pretty well flushed, ha!

Angela Noelle

Yeah, the broth is really very good! I can see it with some chicken and noodles added in ;)

Angela Noelle

Soup stock! Yes! That is exactly what I feel like ;)

Thoughts Appear

I think I'm going to try this out...and soon (before I move in with Kiefer at the end of the month).

Is there something I can drink besides tea? I hate tea. And what's the epsom salt mixture?

Kate P

Drink an epsom salts concoction? Yuck! I'd rather drink my aloe juice straight.

I applaud you for your courage (and not fainting from low blood sugar).


Four days is very, very impressive, girly! Glad to see you still have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Here's to a moment of zen before you return to the land of the eating.

Old Warrior

My "Happy 65th Birthday" colonoscopy is Friday. I start the "purge" tomorrow. We can compare notes on the effectiveness but I know I've got you beat on the "menu" cost - 1 gallon jug of Colonblow plus Magic Pills / $5.42.

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