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July 07, 2011


Melissa B

This made me laugh! We were getting rain every day for a while, and I was so ready for it to stop. Now we are in the same position as you. The grass is getting crunchy.


LOL! We constantly watch the radar here in TX, too, and hold our breaths as the green blob moves ever so conveniently right around us and we see nothing come of it. SO FRUSTRATING! We actually got a short rain (like 5-10 minutes, maybe?) last night, but it hardly counts. We are in such a drought here that it's just miserable. And the 100+ degree days that are just on endless repeat don't really help, either. So...I feel your pain. :)

Erin @ The Speckled Palate

Goodness. I can't say I know what this is like, as it's rained some here in Louisiana, but it is certainly miserable when you're just dealing with the sun, the heat and the humidity with no rain to break it up. Here's to hoping some rain clouds form over your yard next time! (And SOON!)

Dana  K

I love Charleston. Just wait a couple of months when the hurricanes really start up. Every. Single. Hurricane is destined to hit Charleston dead on. I grew up a few hours south (also on the coast) and dealt with plenty of hurricanes growing up. I've never experienced news/weather coverage quite as overblown as Charleston's coverage of hurricanes.

However, you'll eventually get more rain.


LOL. You are too funny! I hope you get the rain soon to ease your pain and that of your dying plants. I probably shouldn't complain about heat anymore since it's not really that hot here...but it's in my nature. Sending rain wishes your way!


You are one funny lady!
It's kind of weird that you're not getting ANY rain. It's raining daily here! Now, I know Chattanooga & Charleston aren't super duper close, buuuuuuuuuut...

Hope the clouds open for you soon.

A Foreign Land

Kate P

Two words: RAIN DANCE. (You know, teach the dogs.)

Angela Noelle

Yeah, it's been crazy dry in a lot of places around the country! Hope y'all get some rain soon :)

Angela Noelle

Isn't the radar so mesmerizing? What kills me is how HUMID it is, even though we're in an incipient drought, haha!

Angela Noelle

Thanks girl!!! Ask and ye shall receive! We've actually had a whole morning of rain today--yay!

Angela Noelle

Haha, yeah, I grew up in Louisiana, so I'm used to hurricanes. But I'm also used to a LOT more rain than this! But we're getting some this morning, so hopefully things are turning around :)

Angela Noelle

Oh yeah, delegation!

Angela Noelle

I think it has something to do with us being close the the coast... it's like it either rains further inland or just skips right out to sea. But we've probably gotten at least an inch of rain this morning, so I'm a happy girl ;)

Angela Noelle

Hey, everything is relative! And thanks for your rain wishes--they worked!


my grandparents house is kinda like that, on numerous times there has been rain in their backyard but not their front. It got to the point where they took the grass out of the front yard because they had to water it 3x more often.


It hardly ever rains here. I miss weather in general.

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