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July 05, 2011



Sounds like an awesome weekend--I want to go to that beach!!


It sounds like you had a so much fun. I don't know about Myrtle beach...hmmmm, maybe I'll stay away from there if I ever visit South Carolina. I think I'm little too old (wow) for Spring Break beaches!!!


I went to Myrtle Beach back in college and the highlight of the trip was going to the emergency room because I felt like I was getting strep throat and this was back before walk-in clinics existed.

Angela Noelle

Well, come on then!!

Angela Noelle

There are tons of other beautiful beaches though! You know, if you ever find yourself in the area ;)

Angela Noelle

Oh my gosh, that made me laugh! Poor Myrtle Beach... not getting much love in these parts, heh!

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