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July 27, 2011



So glad you've had a good couple of days :) It is way too easy to focus on the "bad" so it's great that you are making an effort to enjoy all the good too.

Thoughts Appear

I've been scared to try that flavor of Ben and Jerry's. But you liked it?


Sounds like you've had one heck of a week! My friend and I were just talking about this today. When it seems like life is full of "nos" it's important to pay attention to all of the "yeses" too!!! Way to focus on the positives.
{I made chocolate covered potato chips for a shower I had last weekend. They were heavenly.}


Glad you had a good weekend :) Those green monsters sound DELISH! I just need a blender...

Web traveler

Live POSITIVE! "Les BeBes" will come to pass!. Just raise your pelvis up to the heavens! It "will" work!


Aww great attitude to have! Bummer to hear about Colby leaving but yay for upcoming adventures!

Kate P

Greens and Ben & Jerry's--you are all about the balance, aren't you? ;)

That's great Colby's been able to get home earlier. And another positive review of "Bridesmaids"? I really want to drag someone to see it with me now.

Angela Noelle

It really is a shame how easy it is to focus on the bad. I wish it were the opposite, and positivity came naturally to me ;)

Angela Noelle

It was just okay, I wouldn't get it again. Actually, I didn't think there was enough going on in it. Too much vanilla, not enough of the mix-ins.

Angela Noelle

Oh yum! I think I would like just the chocolate covered chips better than the ice cream! Chocolate covered Pringles--yes!!!

Angela Noelle

Yes, ma'am! You can get cheap ones at the store--I'm sure they work fine!

Angela Noelle

Um, thanks?

Angela Noelle

Yeah, hopefully it goes by quickly and we can hurry up and get to the fun part!!

Angela Noelle

Oh yeah, it was a little vulgar, but not overly so (I don't like pure gross-out humor), and had a definite undercurrent of sweetness. Very funny!

steph anne

Love your attitude! I'd think the same way too. Focus on the good over the bad even though it's easy to get distracted and think of the bad more than the good. <3

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