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July 22, 2011



Sounds like you are fully prepared for the sleep cycle with a newborn! Ick, not fun! Jon is totally the same way with falling asleep instantaneously like Colby... SOOOO annoying. No wonder they are so damn chipper in the morning! I feel like the more tired I am, the harder it is to sleep, for some reason. And add getting up to go to the bathroom 90 times per night, I feel your pain. Luckily, I think Noah got Jon's sleeping genes. I always felt like the more than I look at the clock, the more it stresses me out when I can't sleep, and the more that I stay awake because I am more stressed out. Maybe ditch the clock if you think that is a problem for you, too! And I'm sure you've tried a calming tea before bed? A warm bath? Warm milk? A glass of wine? Hope you get some rest! I have a lot of sympathy for the sleep deprived!


Sounds like you and Colby are the exact opposite of Scott and I. I, like Colby, fall asleep within seconds and sleep through anything, while Scott's has to work at it every single night...sounds just like you. He eats a Calimyrna fig every night right before bed and swears by it. Tryptophan is a miracle, apparently. And figs are a super food! Give it a try. (and FWIW...I have always been a good sleeper - my mom says that I used to just put myself to sleep as a toddler - they would look up, notice I was gone, and find me sacked out in bed, or that I would just announce, "I'm going to sleep, and go get in bed, or pass out on the floor. Always an easy 'sleep' baby, still a great sleeper now, so I think your theory has some weight to it.)


Insomnia is the worst. I used to get it a lot when I was a kid and it's such a terrible feeling. But these days, I'm too tired from working and chasing my kids around, I have no trouble sleeping! This might be a dumb question, but have you tried like Tylenol PM or something that is safe while trying to get pregnant? I know my sister in law had to take Unisom when she was pregnant and it was fine.


Ugh, that really sucks. Sometimes it takes me hours to fall asleep and when I finally do I wake up throughout the night to use the bathroom (not currently pregnant just something that I've dealt with as long as I can remember) and my alarm clock goes off at 6:30 calling "mama!!!" I don't know what I was like as a baby but I remember always taking a long time to fall asleep as a child and teenager too. I think your theory may be right on! At least you'll be ready for the newborn "schedule" when you have a baby. :)
Sometimes warm milk actually does make me tired enough and makes the falling asleep process faster. Good luck!

Operation Pink Herring

Um, ditto. I used to heavily depend on taking two Benadyl every night, but I figured that probably wasn't so good for Sir Fetus, so now... I just suffer. And Joel falls asleep within 30 seconds of going to bed, which makes me so jealous and angry. I even feel like the cat is mocking me on bad nights. They're all just SHOWING OFF, ooooh look at me, I'm asleep! (I have a serious problem with Night Anger.)


i hate when i get bouts of insomnia, it is seriously ridiculous. ugh. i hope it goes away for you soon and you can get some decent sleep!

Kate P

Colicky baby here--know where I fall asleep best? In the car, with someone driving at high speeds. I'm not kidding. Doesn't work on the train or the plane.

I'm still a fairly light sleeper nowadays, and I suffered from insomnia from puberty well into my 20s, until I cleared up my food allergies. Fixing that resolved a lot of it, but I still employ routines and music (my "sleep CD" is classical pianist Christopher O'Riley's interpretation of Radiohead) on a regular basis.

Even though I shared a bed with my sister when we were little, I don't understand how couples can sleep in the same bed successfully.


I'm only a good sleeper to spite you. Kinda like once you moved out of the house, I became really messy... I mean, I'm only PRACTICALLY perfect in every way.


HA. I like it. Melatonin in P's bedtime bottles from now on.

Actually, she changed from a jerk of a sleeper to a contender in one of those sleep races, so who knows? Maybe she was just cold and hungry. Because I'm that kind of mom.

steph anne

Haha, my husband is EXACTLY the same way and I'm jealous he can just fall asleep easily. For example, last night he was out cold as soon as we went to bed at midnight and it took me until around 2AM to finally fall asleep. :(

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