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July 15, 2011



I've always liked the movies...but the books? Reading the final book was much sadder for me than seeing the final movie will be. Oh, and I agree about Harry & Hermione...I still wish they would have gotten together!


Ah, but the beauty is that the books are totally rereadable! I could see myself reading the series every couple of years, indefinitely.

Have you every read the Percy Jackson series? It might ease the pain of the ending Potter Era.

Angela Noelle

I'm so glad I'm not alone on Harry and Hermione! Just about everyone gives me crazy looks for that one ;)

Angela Noelle

Oh yes, I've already reread them many times, and will into the future, but that doesn't stop me from wanting mooooooore!!! ;)


This post makes me happy. I absolutely adore Harry Potter. I am so sad it's over. I went last night (or should I say this morning) to see the final movie and I was not disappointed. It was fabulous. I cried so much.

I can't say I agree about the Harry and Hermione thing but I'm also not a huge fan of Ginny either. I do love that after so much time Ron and Hermione finally get together.

I love your quote from Alan Rickman. That's exactly how I feel about this series. My daughter enjoys the movies-what I allow her to see. I can't wait until she is old enough to really understand and appreciate the beauty and magic of the Potter world.

I want more Harry Potter!!!!!!!!

Megan C.

I love the Harry Potter series and can't wait to see the final movie. But I know it will be sad for it to be over. I think I will always be drawn to the books and the movies.

I totally teared up reading this post. I am so sad to see this end. I was one of the people who, like you, made total fun of HP and the people who read it back in jr. high. On a shopping trip with my parents I covertly picked up book 1 and 2 (hoping beyond hope that none of my friends saw me *gasp*) and immediately regreted not reading them earlier. I cannot for the life of me remember if I saw the first movie before reading the books, but it doesnt really matter because I was in love the moment I started reading/watching.

I really need to round up all my books, and display them somewhere. These books are no doubt my first nursery decor, and will be a part of my childs life, and I cannot wait to see their little faces light up with the magic that is HP. Thank you for this post, it's wonderful.



I started crying when I woke up this morning and realized it was the last time I would ever wake up with Harry Potter anxiety. I am so sad.

Kate P

You definitely are not alone. (But sadly I myself am woefully behind the curve.) The young guy who works at the bookstore that runs the summer reading group I lead told me very excitedly yesterday that he was going to the midnight showing after work. That was really cute. I'll bet he had a blast.


Some of the worst sunburns of my life resulted from spending an entire afternoon at the beach devouring the books. :-)

I sobbed the entire way through the movie last night. It was brilliant.

Amy --- Just A Titch

I adore Harry Potter. Such a special series, so many lessons & great characters. Love.


i love the movies and somehow have still not read the books yet, but i know once i start i'll be hooked and totally in love.


I have not yet seen the last movie, and while it was not deliberate (out-of-town, other plans), part of me is putting it off. Your post reminded me of pre-ordering whichever book came out in 2005 for my sister and myself. I didn't know at that point that I would be at home recovering from neck surgery and theoretically able to purchase it earlier in the day. I think the mailman must have been so SICK AND TIRED of delivering all the books. He should have brought ours to the door, but instead decided to CRAM them into the mailbox (probably with a crowbar and WD-40). Due to my neck pain and arm weakness from the surgery, I literally was unable to get the damned things out of the mailbox. The neighbors weren't home, and I may or may not have sat on the curb and cried. My sister came by after work and it took her several minutes to finally free them.
If I feel this way as an adult, I can't imagine the kids who were the age of Hermione, Harry, and Ron. Sigh.

garden state prep

I remember when my mom told me about the books, right before Prisoner of Azkhaban came out, and I was initially skeptical. Two days after she gave me the first two books I was hooked. I want to do a massive book 1-7 re-read soon. It's interesting because I love the books and I love the movies but I love them as separate things (because obviously there are differences between them). I've been listening to the soundtracks practically non-stop at work.

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