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July 28, 2011



Six years? Have I been stalking your page that long? :-O
And we were on iV a while before you were here. My time flies. And you have just grown in awesomeness. (Yeah, its after midnight here and I'm melancholy lol)


Is it awkward that I'm the first to volunteer? I'd love to guest blog for you if you'd have me. Either that or hide in your suitcase for your Europe trip. You can pick.

Angela Noelle

I cannot believe how far back we go!! Sorry you're feeling the melancholies--those do tend to hit around the wee small hours of the morning. xoxo

Angela Noelle

Gah, I feel like it's kind of awkward for me that you're the first and only to volunteer! But I would LOVE to have you both guest blog, AND squeeze into my suitcase. I'm a "have my cake and eat it too" kind of girl.


Congrats on six years in the blogosphere! I'm glad you're still going strong.

I'll happily volunteer to guest post for you while your gallivanting around! Sounds like a fun post ~ my dream vacation? YES. PLEASE.

{this also reminds me to get back to archiving myself!}

garden state prep

Wow six years! I was trying to think when I started reading blogs and it's probably been about four years, which is so strange because I feel like it was yesterday. Also, I'll volunteer to write a guest post while you're on vacation.


Six years! Wow! Impressive. I'd love to write a guest post!


Ooh, count me in!

Angela Noelle

I'm so excited! I was going to ask you if you didn't volunteer of your own volition, haha!

Angela Noelle

It has gone by SO FAST!!! And I'd love to have you post!! I'll send you an email about it soon :)

Angela Noelle


Angela Noelle

Consider yourself counted :)

erin - heart in ireland

yay for 6 years! it is crazy how long i've been blogging as well but i love it and love being able to look back and see where i've been. and yay for meeting up with bloggers. i would love to meet up once i'm settled in charleston!


I love reading your blog! I also loved this post, because as a new blogger I am so excited to see the sense of community it has created for others! If you still have space and time, I would love the opportunity to write a guest entry while you're on vacation! I'm new to blogging and would really like to grow in the community, and a guest blog would be a fun way to maybe start!

Angela Noelle

Absolutely--we'll definitely have to get together. We can talk about Ireland :)

Angela Noelle

Aw, thanks! And welcome to blogging! I'd love to have you guest post--I'll send an email soon!

Kate P

Congrats on (almost) six years of blogging! Man, I looked at 82 Queen's menu and I had to stop because it was making me hungry. Yummy.

I'll do a guest post, too.


If you need any more guest bloggers, I'm in! I always love sharing my opinion of my big sister with the world. :)


If you still guest bloggers I'd love to blog for you. I'll be gone the same time (well, 10th-15th of August) so I'll most def get my post in to you ASAP. Just let me know.

Operation Pink Herring

It's so funny -- Joel was asking on the way to 82 Queen how I was going to recognize you and I was like, uh... I don't know? I think I'll be able to recognize her? I mean, I've seen a lot of pictures on her blog and stuff? And then I saw you through the window and it was almost comical - you looked exactly like yourself! Except even prettier in person :)

Joel was also asking how you and I "met" and I cannot remember for the life of me! I think I've been blogging for 5 years now and it's crazy how much the little community has become a part of my life... (even when I don't post for a month).

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