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June 03, 2011


To the Nth

You have further solidified my already jumping-up-and-down desire to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When do we get our licenses to Apparate so we can go whenever we want?


I don't want your recap to be done!! Do it again!! Or better yet... let's go again!


AHHH!!!!! I MUST go there. I LOVE Harry Potter! I have been dying to go forever. Thanks for posting these great pictures :)


This is the part that I really want to go to! I love the Harry Potter books! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Amy I.

Looks like you had an awesome trip!! Also YGPM :)

Old Warrior

You left out the key insider tip that you don't have to buy a two-park pass to go to Harry's World on Adventure Island (Is that the right name). And the "Premium Parking" is not so special.


I AM SO JEALOUS. I seriously want to go there for my honeymoon...

Thoughts Appear

This looks so awesome!

Lynn Daue

AUGH!!!! I'm so jealous!! This is it, girls' weekend 2012. I'm making it happen.

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