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June 16, 2011



Hey now! Be fair--I said Game of Thrones was like a combination of Lord of the Rings and The Tudors! That being said, I'm glad you like it. ;)


LOOOOOOVE mario badescu!


I am TOTALLY obsessed with Mario Badescu. I used to only wear Clinique and ever since Nordstrom gave me some of his stuff to try, I'm a TOTAL convert. LOVE IT. Wow that's lots of caps.

Operation Pink Herring

I watched the pilot for Game of Thrones at my friend's house in San Francisco and I was instantly hooked. And then I had to go back to my pathetic, non-HBO having life. Sob. I am going to have to read the books!

Kate P

You might not need this but have you tried the Voluminous Million lashes? I wear waterproof mascara on work days (so it lasts) but on weekends I like something lighter. Neutrogena discontinued their lash tint, so I tried the Million version and I like it. Doesn't bother my eyes, which is really great.

Angela Noelle

Haha!! I guess I just tuned you out when you said Lord of the Rings ;)

Angela Noelle

We should form a fan club! Wooooo!

Angela Noelle

I love how many products there are--I think ANYONE could find the perfect combination for their skin.

Angela Noelle

Yes, you must! In all of your free time, ha! (I don't have HBO either, but I have... other ways...)

Angela Noelle

Oh, I'd love to check that out--I need a more subtle mascara for the not-in-full-makeup days :) Thanks for the recommendation!

Emily Jane

LOVE Voluminous!! I remember watching a video comparing it with a YSL and it looked even better than that :)


I love DiorShow...but yes, super $$. Now I'm gonna try the Voluminous!

Angela Noelle

Oh wow! That gives my recommendation even more credence ;)

Angela Noelle

I hope you like it! And hey, if not, you're only out a few bucks!


omg we just finished the series the other day. LOVED it. and i just bought the first book. i can't wait to read it. so have you enjoyed all the books, or do they tend to fizzle out? i also saw you recently read the book of lost things, how did you like it?

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