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June 24, 2011



Yay, that's my IKEA!

Okay, clearly not mine, but that's the closest one to me. I love your finds, especially the big frame. Swoon.

I hope this shopping trip was just what the doctor ordered! :)


Oh, HOLLER. I love Ikea SO MUCH. And we have the Expedit shelves ... not so much crap, believe it or not. They've been in the playroom for over a year and still look fabulous.

I love that bookend. Did they have any Ds? I might have to make a trip myself soon.


I love that frame! I may need to stop by IKEA some day after work. Don't hate me because it's on my commute home.


Nice! Scotty refuses to go into Ikea on the grounds that if there is a fire you have to follow the "yellow brick road" through highly flammable wood to get out and would likely perish somewhere in the 400sqft apartment display. Dork. Glad you had fun!


LOVE that mirror. Sounds like a fun AND successful trip!!

Kate P

Cool B&W motif you have going on. I cannot imagine a three hour drive to IKEA. . . I had no idea how spoiled I've been all my life. But maybe it makes it more fun to shop and you don't mind the crowds!

Steph. (Cattywampus)

I just bought that bookshelf for my son's room and I'm going back for another for my daughter's. It rocks! Haven't been to your site in a long time, but I'm glad to be back. Love the design! Glad to see you on Twitter too!

Angela Noelle

Aw, I was so close to you!!

Angela Noelle

That's great to hear about the shelves! Unfortunately, it looked like they only had B's... weird :(

Angela Noelle

Well, I won't hate, but I will be super jealous!

Angela Noelle

Hahahaha!! Oh man, that made me laugh...

Angela Noelle

Successful for Ikea too in that they managed to make me to want to come back ;)

Angela Noelle

Yes! The motif was entirely accidental, but makes for a nice photo ;)

Angela Noelle

Yes! I somehow managed to not update my reader with your new blog, so I had no idea you were still posting! Very excited to rediscover you :)

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